Gsm Based Language Translation For Multi Lingual People Computer Science

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Wireless communication in mobile networks is a fast growing business and its applications are found in many different fields. But Problems of language barrier is quiet high as people from various parts of the world need to communicate. So this project is designed to do live language translation when two people knowing different languages communicate over the phone. Detailed description and implementation of each design element are presented.

Keywords- Speech to text converter, Text to speech converter, Language translation, Mobile routing.


Using the various features of different language synthesizers, the language translation while speaking over the phone is made possible. Whenever two people knowing two different languages communicate with each other the mobile phone, the communication becomes effective by diverting the call to a remote PC to translate the voice message of one language to the voice message of the other language. Speech recognition system, text readers, language translators for text and mobile routing technology combine together to perform this task.

Existing System

Speaking over the phone is a very common task today. But communication is effective only when both the end users know a common language. But today people from various countries need to communicate to each other and in many situations they do not know a common language, thus leading to some difficulty during the conversation.


In this project, the problem of language barrier while talking over the mobile phone is overcome by making a remote PC to do the language translation in between so that the end users receive the messages in the language known by them.



A modem is a device that enables a computer to transmit data through cables or wireless technologies[1].

Any of the following kinds of modems can be used for this paper.


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