The Standards Of World Wide Web Consortium Computer Science

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The web was framed for the use of sharing knowledge among the internet users,the users could be from one continent to other with diffrenert geographical location and culture.For few years the website was just read only tool as the communication and social networks webs developed the web applications attracted various users to get popular in the globe.

Web standards are set of rules and guidelines for web site designers.Web standard confers various aspects of website i.e.Coding,accessibility,platform independent,web crawler etc.

Web standard elucidates the coding of one wepage can be resused in webpage of other website by making different CSS(Cascading Style Sheet)as we do in HTML Webpages.The designing of style sheet separately irrespect of coding apge increase efficiency of whole webpage.This helps to locate errors in coding very easly furheter more designing style sheet separate from coding takes less to download webpages from internet.

Furheter more web standard also provides rules for easy acceibility of websites by every user, a user could be blind,deaf,motor impairment etc. Thus using web standard the websites could be accessible by every user no mean whether someone is suffer from any disability.

Web standard also help the web designer to develop a web site where the web sites need not to be dependent on particular device.The web sites made under the gudlines of web standard run every machine without any compatiability.

Web site works on web standadrd also gets easily available on search engine.Designinng of web site under the shadow of web standard rank the websites on top.

World Wide Web Consortium (w3c):-

World wide web consortium is an organization body provides the specification,guidlines and various software and device tool to design a website best in every aspects.

W3c main approach is to provide a web site to every user whatever the hardware,software,network structure,geaographical location,culture,language or the user having disabilities impairments.

Various standard of W3C

Web accessibility inititative:-

The web is desgined for everyone whether they use different software,different hardware,different browser or the user troubles with disability impairment.

Thus to reduce the communication barrier in between the web and user(provides equality for disabilities impairment)to use the web efficiently w3c recommended the web accessibility intiative.

WCAG(Web Content Accessibility Guidelines):-Web content accessibility guidelines mainly focus on web users with physical disability(e.g.blind,deaf,motor impairment, photosensitivity, learning disability, speech disability and the people feels disability due to aging)

Principles of WCAG:-

i) Perceivable:-

The website contents should be perceivable to any user. Different guidelines under this principle are:-

Guideline 1:1:-The alternate to text is provided which could be the braile,speech,symbol,large print so that every user can perceive the information of web as they require to according to their need.

*Guideline1:3:-This guidelines present the content of web in simpler layout without changing of structure.

Guideline1:4:-Using this the user can speech and hear to differentiate the forground from background.


The website information should be understandable to web users.

Guideline3:1:-The primary focus of this approach is the text contents should be understandable.*

Guideline3:2:-This guidlines explains the web pages should be predictable to one each other in same website.Few users with disability get confuse if contents on one page is on different place in contrast to other web page.

Guidline3:3:-Input Assistance:-The user with disability usally creates more error in input rather than normal moreover it is also tough to recognize or find out the errors where the persons* is disable.Thus this guidline helps to reduce the number of errors users do and help to sort out the errors.

*ii)operable:-The web interaction tools should be easily operatable.

Guideline2:1:-The functionality of keyboard should be available without any keystroke time limit.

Guidline2:2:-Provide enough time for user to write in or to read the contents.

The main goal of this is to provide enough time for user to read the contents or fill the contents in the website without any limit of time and exception to those who dnt have any disability impairment.

Guideline2:3:-The web should not be design in a way to cause seizure.

The web should not contain the 3 flash in a second which may cause seizure because of high threshold of flash.*

Guideline2:4:-Provides easy navigation of contents.

The main purpose of this guideline to enable user to link directly to the contents which he/she desires to and allow them to keep track of their current location.

iv) Robust:-The content of web should be accessible to web user as technology advance.

Guidline4:1:-The primary concern of this guidline is to maximize the concern between the current and future technology so that the contents on the web should be accessible forever.*

Device Independent:-

The day by day enhancement in the technology intordue wide varity of devices to run huge amount of website with different resources.Device independent in web standard depicts certain guidlines to web designer so the the web should have potential to run on any kind of devices.

The steadily increase of web accessability in mobile,Personnel digital assistant(PDA) rather then to hang on desktop.This made impotant for web designer to refer different device independent guidline so the efficiency of web resources remain advantageous for different device users.*Further more in some countries because of legal concern the web accessibility needs device independence according to their use like pupil need voice interaction rather then text,alter of image with text etc.

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