Network router simulation

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1. Title

Network Router Simulation

2. Keywords

Local Area Network


Internet Protocol Addressing

Data Packets


Maximum Transfer Unit

3. Problems Definition

The main problem of our project is to maximize the efficiency of the routing process by suggesting the potential user a better algorithm.

While sending data packet from one Local Area Network to another Local Area Network, mainly we must consider the shortest path routing algorithm for finding the destination.

Then we must simulate the Fragmentation and reassembly process at each and every Router in the shortest path that we have obtained.

Network Router Simulation has the following main functionalities:

  1. Finding the shortest path from network to network.
  2. Data Packets Fragmentation
  3. Resolving Addresses
  4. Reverse Address Resolution
  5. Client/Server Communication
4. Aim

Providing Network Router Functions.

5. Objectives

The user can view the shortest path in which the data packet has been sent.

The user can view how the packet has been fragmented and reassembled with respect to MTU at each Router.

Provides hardware address to every node in the Network for given IP address.

Transferring files from Server to Client and Client to Server.

6. Evidence Requirement

This project gives knowledge on Network Layer in the OSI Reference model. And functionalities of the Network Layer like Internetworking, Addressing, Routing, Packetizing, and Fragmenting.

7. Context Description

I have some basic knowledge on Networking Devices and how they are functioning, about addressing of these devices.

8. Research Methods

Searching for updated information on routing techniques.

Discussion on Project with Guides and Supervisor for some technical advises.

Gathering knowledge by reading books, on-line journals.

9. Brief Product Description

I am going generate a solution for Network Router Simulation. My Project gives the Major Solution by documentation. In this it includes routing, different classes of addresses, routing protocols, address protocols, fragmentations.

10. Deliverables

Network Layer Diagram

Routing Documentation

Cost Analysis Report

Address Resolution Implementation Document

11. Resources

For Documentation

- Hardware

Processor Pentium IV 2.0 GHz

512 MB RAM

32- Bit VGA

20 GB HDD (Minimum)

- Software

Windows XP Service Pack 2

Microsoft Office 2007

Rational Rose 98

For User

- Hardware

Computers in Network


LAN Cards

RJ 45 Cables


- Software

Operating System: Windows XP Service Pack 2

Front End: Java Swing JFC

Language: JDK 1.6

Back End: Oracle 9i (Databases)

Integrated Development Environment: NetBeans 6.0 or any Simple Text Editor.

12. Bibliography

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