Project Proposal Account Registration And Login System Computer Science

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As the interest in leveraging the benefits from Internet and Information Technology has sky - rocketed, so has the desire for businesses to gain it, to exploit it and become a part of the Information Technology.

This project is based on developing a web - application for serving customers registered on the web site. The project also aims at developing long - term relationships with customers and helps to understand their requirements. This project will provide online auction facility to the customer registered on it for its various products. For provide the services to its various customers. Customer has to be registered on the web site. In customer registration process we will get all the information regarding customer like every customer has assigned a unique id that is userId, password, name, address, phone, email,secQues, seqAns etc. Before entering the data into database proper validation check is used to validate the data. To access the services offered by the web site a user has login. When user enter the UserId and password in the login page userId and password is checked from the userId and password registered in the database. If userId and password exist in the database the user is a authorized user. Then we will transfer him to the home page.

Objective: In this proposal we will do an initial design and implementation of an online registration system based on initial use case analysis done by a system.

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