Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wireless Internet Computer Science

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Wireless Internet is also called Wireless Web, Mobile Internet, and Internet Wireless.

Wireless Internet means access the internet through a wireless devices, For Example laptop, cellular telephone , PDA, etc... , Using Wireless internet any person can do their day today activities like e-mail, e-banking, communication, conferencing, etc.., In addition to that can be accessed weather and travel information, etc… any where any time.

Advantages of wireless Internet

Fast installation

Efficient use of resources

Less susceptible to disruption

Capacity can be added, removed or reallocated more easily

To enable users to bring their own laptop, therefore reducing the cost of owning many PCs.

To enable you to easily move PCs.

Disadvantages of wireless Internet


Technology is newer and more expensive for some applications


Radio Frequency (RF) characteristics make

high data transfer rates more difficult with wireless than with wired


Wireless signals are relatively easy to intercept

Frequency spectrum saturation

Scope Of The Survey

What are the current wireless internet technologies

Give detailed view about each technology

Compare each technology by giving advantages & disadvantages of them

What are the new trends of wireless internet and the improvements of them with compare to current technologies

Current Wireless Internet Technologies


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