Cognitive Radio Is Enhancement Computer Science

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Defining cognitive radio can be a very difficult and a controversial task, through the term Cognitive Radio was firstly described by Joseph Mitola. From his description we can define the Cognitive Radio as a radio capable of analyzing the environment such as channels and users, learning and predicting the most suitable and efficient way of using the available spectrum and adapting all of its operation parameter, for example carrier frequency, transmission power, and modulation strategy in real time [1-3]. The main reason for introducing the cognitive radio is the apparent scarcity of the radio spectrum due to the static allocation of radio spectrum by FCC.

Cognitive radio is an enhancement of the traditional software radio concept because the radio

is aware of its environment and its capabilities,

able to alter the behavior of physical layer independently,

capable of following complex adaptation strategies by learning from previous experiences and dealing with situations that are not planned at the preliminary design,

intelligently optimize their own performance in response to user requests, and

in conformity with FCC rules by sensing, adaptation and learning.

Cognitive radio can be modeled for wireless communication in which either a wireless node or particular network changes its transmission or reception parameters, to communicate efficiently and yet preventing interference with licensed or unlicensed users. The changing of parameters is based on active monitoring of several factors obtained from external and internal radio environment, for example user behavior, radio spectrum and network state [1].

Therefore, cognitive radio [3], [8], [14] is a new promising technology of wireless communication that allows an unlicensed user (SU) can intelligently detect which of the communication channels are busy and which are idle, and immediately change to other vacant channels while avoiding occupied ones. Thus, it not only optimizes the use of available radio spectrum but also minimizing interference to other users.


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