Anti-capital punishment

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Capital punishment still performs in some countries today like China and states in U.S.A. But some countries have abandoned capital punishment such as Canada, UK and France early. In fact capital punishment is totally failure and unnecessary. It activates the revenge; there is a possibility of innocent death and it does not deter crimes.

The strongest point is that capital punishment does not deter murders like it supposed to do. Capital punishment has not been shown to be effective in preventing crimes. From reports, there is some indication that death penalty actually increase the murder rate. After, doing some research, a study said there are 8060 murders and in 1957. Nevertheless, after 20 years using capital punishment, there are 22520 murders committed in 1982. It clearly showed capital punishment didn¡¯t prevent the murders. In my opinion, the real solution to crime is the remove social injustices and unfair treatment.

Also, capital punishment can lead to innocent death. Every year, some innocent criminals are sentence to death, if they execute, they will never have a chance to be clean. That is why death penalty is irreversible. However, if a prisoner discovered to be innocent, he or she can be free; but either release or reward is possible for the dead body. At least 400 people in United States had been innocent of the crime. 139 were sent to death and 23 were executed.

Last but certainly not least, is that capital punishment is motivated by revenge and injustice. Capital punishment does not have a purpose other than revenge. It works on the principle of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. It is teaching the citizen how to revenge others. Many people believe that if a person killed others, he or she deserves to die, but that isn¡¯t how society goes. Capital punishment is becoming a release of anger from the victim family.

In conclusion, I like to state that capital punishment should be abolishing by all the countries in the world. Because it is a nasty and harsh way to punishment people, and also it does not prevent crimes, it can kill not guilty people and it motivate by revenge.

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