Do Humans Contribute To Global Warming Environmental Sciences

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Climate change is one of the main debate topics in our popular Medias. Evidence shows that we are experiencing a very fast approaching climate change due to global warming. A climate change would have disturbing and disastrous effects on the human population, plant and animal life. Life in a new climate would be inherently different if such a change were continues to happen. Do humans contribute global warming? There is a general agreement between scientists that earth climate is being affected by humans practice. Human's activity affected global climate by releasing green house gases. The most significant green house gas is carbon dioxide. While some green house gases occur by nature others are released in the atmosphere by certain human activities Such as the burning of fossil fuel, deforestation (destroying of trees) and agricultural activities.

Climate is the long term average weather in a certain location. Climate contains different atmospheric elements such as temperature, wind, precipitation (rain fall), and cloud. According to Grover "climate change on a global scale refers to changes in the climate of the Earth as a whole"(Grover 2004). Climate change occurs because of things that happen internally and externally. When I say externally factors, I am referring to the change in Atmospheric components of the earth's surface and atmospheric elements, in addition the position of the earth's surface relative to the sun. We are most concerned about the change of temperature and atmospheric composition in terms of concentration of carbon dioxide. Since the starting of the industrial revolution human beings been artificially producing carbon dioxide and causing an increase in its atmospheric levels. (Budyko 127)

Human being has developed agriculture, civilization, and most recently industry since the last ice age. A side effect of industry is carbon dioxide. The artificial release of this compound causes the increase in temperature of our earth because of the greenhouse effect. While temperature measuring instruments have only been around for the last 250 years, a notable increase in temperature can be experienced since the beginning of the industrial revolution. Scientific evidences according to American society of climatologist indicate that the average global temperature has increased one degree Celsius since 1860. Scientists who study about climate have also detected a slow but steady increase in average global temperature over the past few years. Nine of the last ten years have been the warmest years on record.

Many indicators shows that the earth is getting warmer and our climate is altering long term are evident in the world around us. Glaciers are receding all over the sphere, sea levels are increasing, and permafrost is melting and getting warmer. Based on lindy white research I Sea levels have risen by 0.4-0.6mm per year for the past 999 years. However global sea level averages in the last century have risen at a much higher rate. Estimates suggest a rise of 10 - 15 cm over the 100 year span, or 1.0-1.5 mm per year. Based on satellite monitoring, predictable sea level rises in the next few years have been determined to be 1.0-2.0 mm per year, far higher than historically evident. Permafrost, or regions in which the soil stays frozen year round, have risen in temperature in the last 30 years. A warming climate has brought temperature averages up one to as much as three degrees then historical trends, and in some area is actively thawing. (Whyte 1995)

As I described above we are seeing global warming due to the Greenhouse Effect. What is green house effect? The Greenhouse effect is the increase in temperature on the planet and atmosphere by the reason of the fact that certain atmospheric gases such as water vapor, methane, and carbon dioxide by observing long wave radiation emitted by the Earth's surface. According to Whyte without green house effect, the temperature of the Earth would be about negative 180 Celsius, rather than present 150 Celsius, which is a condition not suitable for life to exist (Whyte 65).

There are also other scientists they believe that global warming is a natural phenomena by itself .They believe it is not caused by the human activates. The scientist give historical evidence that is based on the ancient time where human begins are not live in the time of dinosaurs .But still there was global warming . At this time more scientists believe that the main cause of global warming is emission of carbon dioxide and methane that is around 90% (budyko 1976) .The main thing is that if at the ancient time (at the time of dinosaurs) there was not emission of corbondioxide and methane. how it happens? I think that is why some scientists believe that global warming is not caused by human activities.

Greenhouse effect can cause naturally or by human activity. The emissions of carbon dioxide, methane, and water vapor are some of the conditions that cause greenhouse effect. Human activities can affect the content of greenhouse effect by creating more greenhouse gases in the Earth's surface than what we need to keep our planet warm to suitable temperature. One of the human activity factors which causing major change in our atmosphere temperature is carbon dioxide, it increased by 27% since the starting of industrial revolution in the 1800s (Yoshino 1997), because "work done by hand and animal power before the Industrial Revolution was taken over by fossil-fuel burning machines during the Revolution, resulting in generation and release of higher amounts of carbon dioxide into the environment." Some evidence indicates that human influences will continue to change our atmosphere composition throughout the 21st century (Grover 2004).on the other hand humans can prevent the atmosphere from excessive warming by keeping the carbon dioxide far from the atmosphere by storing the gas or its carbon components somewhere else. Also to reduce the production of green house gases humans have to be preserving trees and plant more. What are the consequences of such climate change for the future of earth's animal and plant life including humans? A scientific research indicates that human activities, such as industrial development, population growth and urbanization are the main things for cause of climate change. (M.yoshino15)

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