An Understanding Of Processes Of Town Planning Environmental Sciences

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The origins of the Town and Country Planning system lie in the attempt to manage, through legislation, the environmental conditions that resulted from the uncontrolled urban growth in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. However, the modern system is rooted in a much more ambitious and integrated approach to environmental management through the establishment of a statutory definition of development and the use of policy, control and acquisition powers. Explain and discuss


The emergence of the planning systems, within the U.K, during the 18th and 19th century resulted in noticeable differences among current spatial planning cultures. It could be said that there are always three subjects, playing either an active or a passive role, in the planning process - government, markets and the public. The degree of their participation depends mostly on the political regime, the actual government, the economic climate in the country and the ability (but also the will) to get involved.

Planning as such might be portrayed as a positive, pro-active and strategic place-making activity on the one hand, or as a negative, regulatory and reactive function on the other.



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