Approaches To Improving Paper Recycling In Vietnam Environmental Sciences

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Nowadays, recycling is generally considered an important component for alleviating the environmental burdens of society. Due to environmental problems such as pollution, natural resource depletion and the burden of solid waste resulting from human activities, recycling has created a new opportunity to save our planet. Likewise, recycling in particular cases of certain materials will also contribute significantly by stimulating economic activity that creates employment and attracts investments.

In Vietnam, the paper industry is playing a key role in the economic profile of the country. However, as with many countries in the world, the Vietnamese paper industry is currently faced with many problems relating to environmental issues and raw materials. The paper industry in Vietnam was examined, using questionnaire surveys of households and paper makers. The study aimed to examine the paper makers' strategy for paper production and their attitude to recycling, in comparison with that of the consumers. The study was especially focused on craft villages where paper is mainly recycled. The results of these surveys allow suggestions to be made for the paper industry to improve paper recycling in Vietnam.

Keywords: Paper recycling, Craft village, Waste management, Sustainable development, Production efficiency, Household production, Vietnam.

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