The Materials That Contain Fire Retardants Environmental Sciences

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Almost all of the materials manufactured today are required to contain a fire retardant. Each country in which a material or product is manufactured has different standards with which the manufacturers must comply. In the UK and Ireland they must comply with the British Standards, in the US products must comply with the American Society for testing of Materials (ASTM) standards. Depending on the intended use of the product, and how long the product will be expected to perform for, the flame retardant requirements will vary from product to product. Textiles are of a particular risk as they require less heat to achieve ignition and will burn rapidly once ignited. Upholstered furniture in living rooms which contain open fires is at particular risk of spontaneous ignition. In the years before 1998 in the UK, 20% of domestic fires recorded were caused by textiles being the first material to ignite causing over 50% of the fatalities [].


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