Importance Of Chemical Pressing To Oil And Pharmaceuticals Environmental Sciences

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Today more and more industries are Hiring chemical engineers for different kinds of jobs mainly because of a skill the all chemical engineers attain through their studies, which is the ability to chemically separate and process various types of items. The industries that are hiring chemical engineers mostly right now include the petroleum, pharmaceutical, energy and the health industry. Chemical process assist in many different ways, weather it is to coming up with a new compound that minimizes the cost or way to refine energy sources so that energy is used in a more efficient way that is environmentally friendly , and safe.

The demand for chemical engineers is at an all time high especially in the petroleum industries. The petroleum industry at this time finds itself contending for an increasingly sparse field of chemical engineers as the demand for engineers grows in emerging different types industries such as biotechnology and semiconductors. In the next ten years the demand for chemical engineers will rise dramatically. The petroleum industry is in need for chemical engineers mainly because petroleum is a complex mixture that is formed hundreds of thousands years ago in different layers of the earth's surface. Petroleum is made up of an organic liquid called crude oil and natural gas. In order to obtain crude oil and natural gas you have to search and drill out specific areas so that you can extract crude oil and gas from the drilling site. Once the crude oil is extracted it is transferred to a chemical plant that is designed for the refining of the crude oil that are now called oil refineries .There is a Strong demand for chemical engineers in the refining and the recovery sectors of petroleum, a trend which will continue the rest of the century. Also, there is a demand for chemical engineers that considerably rising in today's economy due to the rise oil and gas prices. As the world shifts to cleaner and more efficient energy, Chemical engineers are called upon in order to formulate compounds through chemical process that assist in making energy clean and efficient. Furthermore, once the crude oil is brought to the refinery it is then handed over to a specialized chemical engineer that processes the crude oil that is called a process engineer. Process engineers use chemical process in order to refine crude oil in a way that the oil is cleaner. Also the process engineer uses chemical process in order to separate the materials that are in the crude oil and natural into things that we use today such as fuels, lubricating oils, waxes, asphalt, petrochemicals and pipeline quality natural gas.

In the earlier periods of time the most frequent technique to spate crude oil and natural was to separate different components by using a technique called fractions. In order to use fractions to separate components you have to do it by using the differences in boiling temperature by basically heating up crude oil to let it vaporize and then compress the vapor. Nowadays, the most preferred technique to separate components in crude oil or petro fuels is through a mixture of chemical processing and through an improved fractions technique. Chemical process can crack longer chains of oil into shorter ones, through this oil refineries have the ability turn crude oil into diesel fuel which is then can be turned into gasoline depending on the demand.

Furthermore, the refinery chemical process begins with the separation of crude oil into different fractions by distillation. The fractions are further treated to convert the fractions into mixtures of more useful saleable products by various methods such as cracking and reforming. The mixtures of new compounds are then separated using methods such as fractionation and liquid extraction. Any pollution in the mixture is then removed by various methods such as dehydration, desalting, sulphur removal and hydro treating. There are also other methods to chemically process crude oil in a refinery such as cracking, reforming and isomerisation. Cracking is a chemical process that is used break down heavier hydrocarbon molecules and high boiling point oils into lighter products such as petrol and diesel. The Cracking process consists of three different processes that are called catalytic cracking, thermal cracking and hydro cracking. Catalytic cracking is mainly used to change heavy hydrocarbon fractions attained by vacuum distillation into a mixture of more useful products such as petrol and light fuel oil. Fluid catalytic cracking uses a catalyst in the form of a very fine powder which flows like a liquid when agitated by steam, air or vapor in order to breakdown crude oil into petrochemicals and asphalt. Thermal cracking uses heat to process the residue from vacuum distillation, the compounds that are formed from this process are made into distillate fuels and into petrol. Finally Hydro cracking is the last cracking process it can enhance the yield of petrol components, as well as being used to produce light distillates.

Although many engineers use the cracking method to chemically processes the crude oil some engineers use other methods such as Ionized Chemical process. Ionized Chemical process is a way to separate crude oil into different by adding crude oil into a solution that is filled with highly negatively charged molecules in a highly compressed cylinders with added pressure, in order for the molecules in the crude oil would interact with the high electronegative particles in the ionized solution. The crude oil molecules would then separate and become ready to create needed items such as diesel, petrol, petrochemicals, and Liquefied petroleum Gas. Though this chemical process can be successful it has a downside. In the middle of the reaction that takes place in the ionized solution if the crude oil molecules somehow do not interact, the crude oil will then turn into toxic waste due to the exposure to highly electronegative particles. This would lead to waste in natural resources which would lead to inflations in prices of gas and it would cost a bunch of money in order to get rid of the waste that was produced.

Chemical process is a technique that is also relied on greatly by the pharmaceutical industry. Chemical engineers work in the pharmaceutical development and chemical development in the industry. In the chemical development chemical engineers use chemical process through nanotechnology in order to formulate molecules that are specific to the type of drug that is being made at that particular time. Also, the chemical engineers in the chemical development sector run tests to see if the molecule that is being made would in fact work against a particular illness. In that case the chemical engineers use different animals who are infected with the similar illness to see if the molecule being developed would cure the illness or not. After many tests the particular molecule is then transferred to the pharmaceutical development department. In the pharmaceutical development department chemical engineers also use a mixture of chemical process and nanotechnology on the active ingredient or the molecule. The nanotechnology assists with adding a high concentration of the molecule into very small particle, which is then used to formulate tablets with the right dosage that can be dispensed to pharmacies and hospitals then can be dispensed to patients.

Crude oil is of no use without refining; it is more that it is just much more useful with refining. When the oil industry began raw crude oil was used as fuel in factories; however, it was quickly realized that it could be put to much better use if it was separated into components of similar boiling points via distillation. That's where the importance of chemical process comes in the refining area. Without chemical process gas prices would rise constantly and become unaffordable, there will not be any clean energy such as natural gas and ethanol which would lead to a rise in air pollution. Also the majority of the world's economy would become the minority. Chemical process can bring several of good things such as creating a whole new field of study such as Chemical Engineering that can lead the way to various types of job opportunities to the public that otherwise would have not been created. Chemical process also helps develop new Drugs that can treat everyday illnesses. Weather it is a questions that arise from social issue stand point or questions that arise from health issue stand chemical process has helped the world into taking the right steps in order to answer many of these issues. Recently Chemical Engineers have used a combination of chemical process and their expertise in science in order to develop medical scanners, and imaging systems that help doctors see inside a patient's organs. In addition, Chemical Engineers help build artificial limps and joints, and lasers that are needed in all types of surgeries through chemical process and machinery. In conclusion chemical process is a very important method that is commonly used today in several different fields, weather it is used to extract raw materials or used to save lives.

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