Combining The 3G And Wireless LAN Wimax

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Decades has focused on developing a communication technology field. In early days Multimedia Messages were used as beacons Smoke signals, there has been unprecedented improvement in communication. Now days, Mobile Phones seem to be the latest craze in today's technology market. They have been fading out or something and not replaced. If we compare with the recent years Mobile phones are developed by bounds and leaps.

Cell phones and applications than ever before imagined and has the potential to support the facilities. Main idea for a mobile that did not involves wire or cables from one person to another person to provide the mean of communication. Finally Cell phones have become very important in today's fast moving world, in future no man with out mobile phone.

Internet connectivity is consistent with similar moment people are asking the internet came into being. Today thousand of millions customers are using mobile phones by the easy mobile operators served by world wide. The most prominent is Wi-Fi hotspots, which can find ever where. This report is focused on the Study of The Simulation of Wireless Communication networks such as 3G Cellular and Wireless LAN. Here 3G is abbreviated as 3rd Generation technology for mobile communication a WLAN is Wireless Local Area Networks.

At preset 3G is the fastest growing technology and advanced version, if we combine the 3G and Wireless LAN we can do the wonders.


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