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This report explains the significance of web standards for web designing. A brief introduction depicts the requirement of web standards and further w3c consortium Standards has been discussed. The discussion then focuses on the different web standards Accessibility, Device-Independence, Backwards Compatibility, Web Interoperability and Web validation. The report critically evaluates the importance of web standards and potential use of the web.The web was framed for the purpose of sharing knowledge among the internet users. These users could be geographically and culturally different.

For a few years websites were used only as a tool of communication; however, with the development of social networking sites web applications have found global applications among a wide variety of users.Web standards are a set of rules and guidelines for website designers. Web standards form a road map for rational, sophisticated and cost effective web development (Zeldman and Marcotte, Jeffery, Ethan, 2009). Web standards include various aspects of website designing such as coding, accessibility, platform independent, web crawler etc.Using web standards the coding of one webpage can be reused in the webpage of another website by making different CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) as we do in HTML web pages. The designing of style sheet separately irrespective of coding page increases efficiency of whole webpage.

Moreover web standards help to locate errors in coding page very easy. The designing of style sheets separately from coding page, downloads the web page quicker and increases efficiency and flexibility of the website. (Khristine, Annwn Page, 2006). Moreover web standards also provide rules for easy accessibility of websites by every user; a user could be blind, deaf, motor impaired etc.

Thus the use of web standards makes websites accessible to even people with disabilities.Web standards also help the web designer to develop a website where the web sites need not to be dependent on particular device. The web sites made under the guidelines of web standards run on every machine without any required compatibility. Designing of websites under the shadow of web standards ranks the websites on top of the search engine.


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