Systematic Literature Review In Software Engineering

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Systematic literature review, also called systematic review, was introduced in software engineering as a research strategy which helps in finding, evaluating and combining the results from relevant empirical studies related to a topic of interest [4]. By conducting the systematic review, it produces the evidence to help practitioners adopt proper technologies and prevent improper technologies so that the software product and/or process can be improved [17]. This paper intends to provide a general knowledge about systematic review and recommendation for improvement of current systematic review guidelines produced by Kitchenham [1].

By reviewing several related articles both in software engineering and medicine, including guidelines how to conduct the systematic review, experiences from conducting systematic review, studies that use systematic review as a research methodology and other associated articles, I found that there are still some limitations and also unclear issues, especially for inexperienced people. Thus, I try to include the good lessons learnt, useful best practices, and helpful information, which could be valuable for anyone who want to perform the systematic review.1.

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