Should States Require Students To Take an Exam to Graduate?

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Should states require students to take a proficiency test in order to graduate high school?

This sounds like a very controversial question. Some people think that states should not because it is not fair to any student who has been in school for the four years, and then if they fail the test even by a few points, he/she is not able to graduate with their class. On the other hand, I agree with the others. Proficiency exams should be required for many reasons, which will be explained in the following.

The first reason testing should be required is because the test shows what the student has learned throughout their years in school. The test displays the student's strengths and weaknesses. It also helps the teachers because it shows them what area a student is having problems in, therefore teachers can help them further and explain the subject more in depth with future students.

Another reason is that some people cheat their way throughout high school. They may even spend their entire high school career having others do their homework and copying off of tests. The proficiency exam reveals what the person truly knows and if they have earned their diploma. There is no reason for that person to have a diploma if they never learned anything in school.

The final reason would be that the test helps the student understand what level they are on. Especially for students continuing in their education. Students will know what they excelled in on the test and what they may have to work on to improve. Testing also greatly helps in preparation for college because what a person learns in high school is the base to be able to learn in college.

For these three reasons, I agree that states should require the passing of a proficiency exam to graduate from high school and receive their diploma. Without a proficiency exam, people will graduate and either not do well at a job or will be very behind in college because they will have no knowledge of the basics. Basically, no matter what they decide to do, sooner or later, they will fail at something in their life and it will be because the person was a cheater back in high school. In a way, they will wish that there was something in school that could have forced him/her to learn and wouldn't let them leave until they knew what they were doing and that is exactly what this test does.

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