Learning to Balance Responsibilities

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Learning to Balance Responsibilities

There are many points in ones life that can change a person’s character. Many things have happened throughout my life, but recently, I have noticed a change in me. After my junior year in high school, I got a job at Freeport Medical Center; In addition, I work at New Rice Bowl Restaurant two nights a week. I am currently in school while holding two jobs at the same time which takes a lot of responsibility and a considerable amount of time.

Working two jobs and staying in school is not exactly what I call fun. However, it is worth the trouble knowing that I get a lesson about responsibility out of it. I work twenty-one hours per week, which has its tolls from time to time with school and all. All this hard work has taught me how to be responsible. I can use this example I have now and put it into use in the future.

This has changed me greatly considering that I have caught on to the fact of being organized and responsible. Having this knowledge has prepared me to for college. I will have to keep learning many things in order to succeed pass through adulthood and beyond. Even though I have more important matters in mind, it’s never too early thinking about my future.

All of these points are going to affect me in the future since I am expecting much more when I move out. Being independent means having more responsibilities, more then what I have now. At least now I have a feeling of how it is going to be like once I am out of my mother’s care. I will have to be able to pay for my own rent, food, cloths and various necessities.

I have to be a responsible person now in order to pass the test of life. Hopefully, I will be able to depend upon myself without any help from others. Like everyone else, I want to flourish in the world, and find my meaning of life. In order to accomplish this task, I have to be responsible and be aware of what I do so I can do them right. The end of one part of my life is only the beginning of another.

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