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Review for English 112 Composition
For some people this decision comes around a few times a year; for most everyone else this is a decision that takes place every two years or so. Choosing amongst a variety of cell phones has such a big importance for me when it comes time to upgrade my miniature computer phone thingy. As I approached the cellular store to find the perfect phone for me, I was instantly glued to the advertisement of the HTC Droid DNA. I felt a sense of sheer power after placing this BEAST of a phone into my hands. I knew right away that this was the perfect phone for me because of the stunningly high performance qualities it had to share.
After my purchase of the Droid DNA, I began investigating every single thing it had to offer me. The performance of the device is out of this world, by far the top of line when it comes to hardware. The astonishing Quad-core processor allows me to do many things at once on this phone such as: talking, texting, browsing the internet, and gameplay. This phone has yet to freeze up or have a force shut down and is very dependable; perfect for my every day usage. As if the quad-core processor was not enough for me, the 2 gigabytes worth of Random Access Memory set me over the top; I can now move faster from application to application without the worry of having my phone malfunction. The biggest eye catcher of this phone is the huge high definition screen, 5 inches of pure love and quality. I can now watch football games on the go in the same quality or better than compared to the television in my living-room.
A common problem with most cell phones is the battery life, in which this phone steers clear of any annoying problems like that. After two months of usage I barely need to charge my phone daily, although it is recommended. At day’s end I typically have more than half of my battery life left on my lithium battery. If I only used my phone for talking purposes, I would have over seventy percent battery life left; but what would be the point of all that power if I never used it to its full potential. One may think that a phone with such a great capacity for power would weigh quite a bit, but this is not the case with the Droid DNA; this is a very light and thin phone and can easily fit into your pocket.
As this phone is very customizable for its user, there are some really neat features that come with the phone’s software. If you are a music lover like myself, you would very much enjoy every single beat and breath you favorite song has to offer; it is all made possible with the Beats audio software programmed into my phone by the manufacturer. Another really cool feature is the facial recognition it uses (optional), it could unlock your phone just by recognizing your face with the 8 megapixel camera this phone has. No worries about intruders who have a picture of your face, it will not unlock the phone for them. Yes I did previously mention that it has a 8 megapixel camera, wait did I say one? I mean two! The Droid DNA is perfect for picture fanatics, especially if you love to take pictures of your very own beautiful face; the camera on the front helps you take that picture perfect image you struggled to take with your outdated phone.
Not everything is perfect in the world of cell phones, and yes this phone does have a couple of downfalls. The first major downfall is that this phone has no expandable memory slot, which is kind of a blow to the stomach for such a powerful phone. The only other issue that could occur, but has yet to be a problem for myself, is that the Droid DNA does not have a removable battery. A removable battery is not a necessity for this phone, but it could frustrate people who use that idea to solve their phones malfunction problems; which will never be the case with this phone.
With this phone taking storm with its sleek design and powerful hardware, I would say it is the perfect phone for every person from the businessman to the very talented musician. Although i

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