Women in the Civil War

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Women were a great effect in the civil war.

Many women would disquise themselves as men or spies to fight in the war.Other women would be nurses,aides,and doctors on the battlefield.

Women who were not part of the civil war still mad a great effect by manufacturing things to the war.

Women as spies were particulary effective.

The people they helped were very grateful.Belle Boyd a teenager known as "La Belle Rebella" was one of the most famous spies.

after being arrested six times it still did not stop her from doing her job.

Belle ran across the battlefield to deliver military information.

Elizabeth Van Lew was from Richmond,Virgina.

she was a union confederate who was able to assist a spy among one of Jefferson Davis's servants.

Rose O'Neil Greenhow a confederate spy who ran a large art in washington.

Harriet Tubman was a black union spy,scout and commander.

Harriet would disguise herself as an old lame lady.

Sarah edmonds was disquised as a black laboror.

sarah joined a crew to learn about fortification in Yorktown.

The general that sent her had no idea that she was a women.Nurses,aides,and doctors were the "angels" of the battlefield.Mary A.Brady was a union nurse who served at the Battle of Gettysberg.

Mary died and was given an honorary funeral.Dr.Mary Edwards was a union surgeon.

mary was given a medal of honor.

Mary ann Bickerdyke traveled with the union army for four years and nineteen battles.she helped with amputateing peoples legs,brewing coffee,and collecting cattle,chickens,and eggs.

Dorethia Dix was a 59 year old Lady who volunteeres her service to the union.

she was the head of all nurses.More than three thoudsand were army nurses.no matter how bad the pay was or any worse the conditions they still stayed and helped.