Historic Achievements of the City of Athens

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Historic Achievements of the City of Athens

A city such as Athens triumphed over any other of its time. This is mainly due to its great achievements performed. In fact, a city so powerful had an effect on western civilization today. Many societies in modern times have been positively helped by Athens.

Athenian architecture is a crucial element that made the city so beautiful. No other city was nearly as divine as Athens was. The creating of columns immensely helped in the building of structures throughout Greece. Indisputably, Greece was organized and the classification of the columns showed this even more. Three types of columns were often used in Greece and throughout the European world. (Document 1). The first was the Doric style which was plain and used in the Greek mainland and in Italy. Second, was the Ionic style which is thinner and more elegant, and found mostly in eastern Greece. Finally there was the Corinthian style which was found in the more famous temples. Temples like the Parthenon, which use Corinthian columns, show how advanced Athenian architecture grew to be.(Document 2). Today, Greek architecture is also found in the United States. The White House and the capital building are prime examples of how people use Athenian designs. Corinthian style columns can also be found on these buildings.

A special feature of Ancient Greece that affected the modern world today is its historic records kept. Herodotus and Thucydides, two of the most highly respected historians in the world helped modern society learn about ancient Greece. Herodotus, also known as the “Father of History,” can be thanked for developing one of Greece’s greatest accomplishments. Writing of mostly the Greco-Persian War, Herodotus tells of strategies and emotions of the people during this time.(Document 3). He lets the modern world know of spies during the wars and warrior-princesses. However, Herodotus was not the only man to tell of ancient times. Several decades after him, Thucydides perfected the historic style of writing and accounts of events. Thucydides, though, surpasses Herodotus’s writing by going more in depth with his descriptions.(Document 3). Nevertheless, both writers were outstanding and helped develop the record keeping system. Recently, many countries in the world keep records for someday future historians.

Finally, almost, if not the biggest achievement of Ancient Greece was the system of government used. As originally an Aristocratically run society, in 507 B.C. Athens set up a government of democracy. This was a system run by the people. A council of 500 diverse men was created, and given the job of preparing laws and supervising the government. Then, an assembly, made of males over 30 was created. These were the men who made the laws. Because of laws, Athenian people were prevented from doing wrong because of their respect for authority.(Document 4). Thanks to Greek Democracy, countries such as the U.S.A. has a strong government with different parts and many laws. For example, the Athenian council represents the American Legislative branch today, and the assembly represents the Executive branch.

The city of Athens excelled over the other cities during that time period. Because of architecture, record keeping and Athenian government, the year 2001 is affected greatly. For if it were not to happen in ancient Greece, it might have never have happened, causing a very different world today!

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