The Greek God Hades

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Essay on the Greek God Hades

The Greek God I chose to do was Hades, also called Pluto (Roman Name), ruled the underworld. According to myth Hades parents were Kronos and Rhea, making him Zeus, Hera, and Poseidon’s brother. Hades came from the first generation of Olympian gods. Persephone, Hades’s bride to be was seized by her lover but later fell madly in love. Thus making her the Queen of the underworld.

Hades had curly hair, and a beard. He had a thick mustache. Hardly ever seen with out his special helmet. He lent his helmet to other men and gods. But it wasn’t just any helmet, it was given to Hades from the Cyclopes and made people invisible. One of Hades few but great, weird creations was a three- headed dog named Cerebrus.

Geographically, the underworld is bordered by a series of rivers: The Acheron (river of woe), The Cocytus (river of lamentation), The Phlegethon (river of fire), The Styx (river of unbreakable oath by which the gods swear), and The Lethe (river of forgetfulness). Once across the rivers an adamantine gate, guarded by Cerberus, forms the entrance to the kingdom. Deep within the kingdom is Hades enormous palace, complete with many guests and servants of all types.

Hades was known to be hard-hearted and merciless, immune to good deeds and prayer. Feared and respected by many, Hades quickly made a name for himself among the gods. After Hades marriage to Persephone his script was flipped from a cold hearted god to a beneficent, supplying minerals and grain to the rest of the universe. In turning over this new leaf he acquired a new name Pluto, meaning “giver of wealth.” Instead of having pure white animals sacrificed to him he had morbid black given to him out of respect by the mortals.

Many have their own opinion on Hades and his actions. Some believe him to be as pure-hearted as Zeus and Poseidon, but most argue that he is a cold-hearted, unhappy, dreadful, creature. In most articles that I have read it is said that he turned evil when he was chastised for capturing Persephone without her consent. There are some myths that even tie Zeus into Persephone’s disappearance. In another light Hades was known to be very fair and not to provoke his captives. Some said Persephone soon got over her capture, but many said she longed to go home and never spoke a word after the day she was captured. I chose the Greek God Hades because he seemed very interesting. I’ve heard so many different tales told on his behalf throughout, my project that I don’t know what to believe.

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