Religious and Mythological Themes from Titan A.E.

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Religious and Mythological Themes from Titan A.E.

The idea that every science fiction film is inspired by a religious or mythological background holds true in the movie, Titan, A.E. These backgrounds include those involving the Chinese, Greeks and Egyptians.

The first suggestion involving mythology is in the title of the movie itself. A Titan was a race of Gods in the Greek culture that ruled the Earth before the Olympians. In my opinion, a large majority of the movie can be explained by examining this portion of mythology. I feel that Cale represents Zeus, the Olympian who overthrew the Titans and regained control of the world. The Titans, despite the fact that it was the name of the ship that would save humans, were the aliens who were pure energy. I feel this way because mythology tells us that Cronus, the leader of the Titans, was told that one of his sons would overthrow him. It turns out that Zeus was one of Cronus’ sons. At this point he decided the solution would be to eat his sons or in the case of the movie, eliminate the human race.

However, the story goes that Rhea, a sister of Cronus’ hid Zeus so that he could mature and regain control of the world and save the future generations. This fits perfectly in with the storyline of the movie and how Cale’s father helped him to escape and put the ring on his finger because he knew in time his son would realize what he was meant to do and that he could do it. When Zeus finally defeats his father, he forces him to free the other children that he had swallowed and they returned to their prominence in the universe. Again, this fits in with the movie as Cale frees the rest of the human race by giving them a home and allowing humans to come together and gain power with their new planet.

The next relation I see that influences the development of the plot in the movie comes from the name of the ship, Phoenix. The phoenix, a mythical bird, appears in different cultures such as the Chinese and Egyptian’s. Both cultures stories I can see influencing the movie.

The Chinese believed that the Phoenix was a mythical bird that never died no matter what it faced. It would always fly far ahead of everything else scanning the future and space. It was said to represent our capacity for vision. The ship in the movie was like this because it was our last hope to find what humans needed to survive. The ship beat everything else to the goal because it was traveling ahead. Also, in a more general aspect it could represent the idea of aliens existing and that we may not be the most powerful entities in the universe like we are currently under the impression of.

My other interpretation of the name of the ship comes from the Egyptian culture. They believed the Phoenix was a bird that lived for 500 years before consuming itself in fire and then rising from its own ashes renewed. I feel that this could represent the cycle humans go through throughout the movie. At the opening they are the prominent being in the universe. They then begin to die which is like the Phoenix consuming itself in fire after the 500th year. Then, the humans, led by Cale, regain their power by utilizing one of their few remaining items, the Titan. The Phoenix was said to rise from its remains and renew itself to its powerful state and this is exactly like the cycle humans underwent in the movie.

The movie, Titan A.E., like many other science fiction films, has it’s plot influenced by many religious and mythological beliefs from such cultures as the Greeks, Chinese and Egyptians.

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