Comparison of the Movie Shane to the Novel Shane

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Comparison of the Movie "Shane" to the Novel

I liked the book Shane a lot more than I did the movie for many reasons and here are some of the things that were the same and some things that were different about the movie.

Some of the things that were the same in the book and in the movie were that Shane was a very polite and kind person. Also, Shane and Joe had to work together to remove the stump from the ground, which symbolized their friendship and the fact that they could do anything if they worked together. Shane also worked on the Starrett’s farm to repay their kindness and hospitality.

One thing that is different is that in the book when Shane first rides into the Starrett’s ranch, he is wearing all black; but in the movie when Shane rides into the ranch, he is wearing tan colored clothes. Also Bob’s name in the movie wasn’t Bob, it was Joe.

I think one of the reasons I liked the book more than I liked the movie is that we read the book first, so I noticed everything that the movie left out; where if we would have watched the movie before we read the book, I don’t think that those things would have been that big of a deal. Also there was much more detail in the book than there is in the movie. One thing that I liked more about the movie is that the fight scenes were a lot better because you got to see it happen instead of trying to imagine it happening. I also thought that the ending was better in the book then it was in the movie.

So all in all I would have to say that I liked the book a lot more than I did the movie.

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