Michelangelo's Creation of the Heavens

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Michelangelo's "Creation of the Heavens"

Michelangelo was explained to be somewhat of an idealist in his vision of religion. He saw God as loving and compassionate, and man as he was first created; pure, noble, and innocent. From the Sistine Chapel, “The Creation of the Heavens,” as it is titled, shows his view of God perfectly and clearly. In fact, the image shows the way others viewed God, as cruel and angry, as well.

Many people in Michelangelo’s time felt God was cruel and angry; that he was without mercy for man. They had seen many plagues and wars in that time, and people dying without apparent cause. They figured God left them to their own devices, and that he was unjust. The image shows the wrath of God, and the fear it inspires in His subjects. The four people by God, presumably representations of man as a whole, or even angels, coil back in fear, in awe. The painting portrays how such a glorious thing as the creation of the sun and the moon, the very heavens, can be an awe-inspiring sight. The anger in the face of God is easily visible, showing that the task is a difficult undertaking, but if you look hard enough, you will also see compassion.

The face of God in the painting shows His anger, but also compassion and love. If you look at the eyes, there is a look and feel of love, of mercy. I see the pride God feels for his creation, and the great love he has for his subjects. The picture shows the wisdom God possesses, in his representation as an older man. Back in Michelangelo’s time, age brought wisdom, so Michelangelo painted God as an older man. The painting also depicts the grace of God, as he glides effortlessly across the skies, carrying his subjects. The age-old saying, “But for the grace of God…” is portrayed well with this image.

Michelangelo was an idealistic painter, his paintings depicting his views of religion. He saw God as a merciful, compassionate, and loving one. In this painting, he showed his views quite clearly. However, Michelangelo was, above all else, a painter. He needed to bring home the bacon. He showed the opinion of others, the majority opinion, in his paintings. He showed how the majority of the people in his time saw God. He depicted God’s wrath and awe-inspiring presence.

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