Critical Review of Disney's Mulan

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Critical Review of Disney's "Mulan"

The movie Mulan was an entertaining and comical film to watch, but it did have some scenes that were violent and showed aggressive action. There was a scene where a woman’s backend caught on fire and another time her face was scalded with hot tea. Throughout the movie at various times, the characters were punching, hitting, kicking, and fighting other people. There wasn’t any blood but there was plenty of punching. These were acts of explicit violence. One scene showed a Hun leader about to shoot a man with a bow and arrow. Just before he let go of the arrow the screen blanked out. This was the only implicit act of violence in the movie.

The only scenes that could harm a child watching the film could be where the antagonist was involved. The antagonist was a very large, dark, tough, and evil looking character. His voice sounded frightening and he intimidated other characters in the movie. I could see how this could be harmful for a child to see as it could give them nightmares.

I don’t think this kind of violence would be damaging to children. Most of the fighting was not intended to seriously harm other people. When fighting did occur, it was accompanied with comical statements and actions. The characters were bright, hilarious, and easy to like. I don’t believe children would imitate the actions of the characters in this movie by fighting.

I would allow my children to watch this movie. First, the film was a comical cartoon. I even laughed at times. The movie was also made by Disney, which has a history of producing positive films for children. The story line and music play a big role in determining a beneficial movie and a negative one. Mulan had singing and songs in the film, enabling the child to participate and learn more. The story line is easy to follow and I think children and see that the main character has a problem in the beginning and she successfully solves it in the end. This could allow children to see that they can solve problems of their own too. I would allow my child to watch Mulan.

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