Film Analysis of A League Of Their Own

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Film Analysis of "A League Of Their Own"

This film was first set in the 1990’s, however it started off as one of the baseball players from the 1940’s attending their installation in the Baseball Hall of Fame. The story is told as one long flashback to the 1940’s. The physical setting of the film was in Cities of America including Chicago, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and New York, where the Baseball teams played their games. The film contained feelings of war, happiness, sadness, friendship, persistence and hardship.

The Second World War is beginning, and female baseball players are being drafted for the All American girls Baseball League, in an attempt to save the sport. This seemed like a great chance for the farm girls to escape from their unpleasant reality of lower class street life. To some, baseball seems the only easy option, especially for Dottie and Kit (Geena Davis and Lori Petty), who can catch and hit. The scout decides to bring the girls back to Chicago for tryouts and then continue to make the league with fellow teammates including Doris Murphy (Rosie O’Donnell) and Mae Mordabito (Madonna) as well as Jimmy (Tom Hanks) as their alcoholic coach. As the season goes on, Kit shows that she is enormously jealous of her sister Dotti. Dotti’s playing style and the fact that everyone loves and adores her because of her pretty face and fantastic playing skills makes Kit’s hatred against her sister grow. Kit then changes baseball teams and finds herself playing against her sister in the final of the World Series.

The plot was satisfactory because the girls of the baseball teams worked hard to fulfil their dreams of playing in the All American Girls Baseball League and gain confidence in the male dominated world.

I was able to follow the story well throughout the film because of the ongoing suspense to see if the girls had what it took to make the World Series and to keep the league running. I was happy with the ending and glad that the Dotti and Kit, were able to put the past behind them, and be sisters again. I expected the ending because they all went back to their lives with their families after their men came back from war. The plot was believable because it showed the hardship that the women had to go through while their men were at war and they had to take care of the farms and family.

The main characters in the film were Dotti, Kit and Jimmy. Other characters in the film that interacted with the protagonists were Doris, Mae and Marla.

Dotti was one of the main characters in the film. She was a very pretty girl who had a love for baseball that no one else had. What made baseball different for her, was that she was a skillful player and never had a bad game. She always performed and loved playing baseball. Dotti is the type of person that likes to be in charge. This gives the team a sense of leadership, which helps the baseball team to success and happiness. Her strengths include loving her husband and her family, playing baseball and being a good role model. Dotti’s only weakness was quitting baseball at every chance she got, however she always returned to playing baseball because that’s where she felt she belonged. At the beginning of the film, Dotti played baseball, however she wasn’t too interested in trying out for the league. By the end of the film, she found that baseball made an inner happiness that nothing else gave her. She was the best player of her time, and yet, in her mind, she was simply playing ball until her husband came back from war. Dotti also overcame the conflict of winning versus her sister’s loyalty. She realised that being friends with her sister was more important than winning or playing in the baseball league.

Kit was a persistent young girl that always fell in the shadow of her sister Dotti. Kit wanted to do something with her life instead of staying on the farm, so she talked her sister into trying out for the baseball league with her. Throughout the film, Kit was portrayed as a persistent person, who wouldn’t stop trying until she reached her goal. She loved playing baseball and was envious of her sister for the reason that Dotti was better than her. Kit’s main strength is to admit that her sister was better than her at baseball, and that Dotti was always right. Kit was a nice person that was able to express her feelings about people and her troubles. She envied her sister because Dottie was a better baseball player. This caused a break up in the relationship. By the end of the film, Kit became as famous as Dotti, which made her reconsolidate her relationship with her sister.

Jimmy is the type of person that you learn to love over time. When he was first put in charge of the Peaches Baseball team, he didn’t want to be there, and didn’t communicate with them. His main strength was when he puts his mind to something he succeeds. Jimmy’s baseball career was wrecked because of alcohol, however after the first few weeks of neglecting his team, he began to focus on the field and took an interest in the girls. He started to take an interest in the game because he began to remember his career and wanted to be apart of the women’s game of baseball. At the beginning of the film, he didn’t think that women could play baseball, and he didn’t consider their feelings about the game. By the end of the film, he was considerate towards the team, and began to act like a real coach and taking an interest in the game.

Other characters that interact with the protagonists include Doris (Rosie O’Donnell) who was a loud an opinionated woman, Mae (Madonna) who came across as a smoking, care free party girl, and Marla who was picked in the team for her exceptional batting skills and not for her looks.

I think that the protagonists succeeded in gaining their goals in the end. Dotti was able to play in the Professional Baseball League, which gave her new experiences while her husband was at war. She learnt about family values and that her sisters love was very important to her. Dotti was also made aware that she came close to loosing her husband in the war and how much he meant to her. Kit was able to come out on top and be famous and loved by fans just as her sister was. Jimmy was able to keep his job as a baseball coach and to take an interest in the game that he left because of alcohol. The women in the baseball league were able to fight for equal rights in the male dominated world of baseball. They also learnt that they had the desire to succeed and that baseball would always be apart of their lives.

The characters were believable and they acted as anyone in real life would. The main stereotype in this film was that men thought that women couldn’t play a man’s game of baseball. This film showed that women could play baseball just as good as men can, and that people still enjoy watching.

The theme of the movie was showing that women didn’t just belong in the kitchen and looking after kids, however are able to play a physical sport that people thought that only men could play. This film also showed that when these women had a chance to do something different in life and that when baseball was concerned, the only place for a woman is on home, first, second, and third.

I think that the message of the film is presented well, and that women don’t only belong in the kitchen, but are able to have careers and play sport.

I can relate to the stereotype of women only being in the kitchen and having children. I think that women should be able to have careers or play professional sport if they have the skill and desire.

During the film I felt strongly about women playing baseball and not staying home. It shows that the women are not the weaker race and that men and women are equal. I enjoyed this aspect of the film and felt happy that women did something different, instead of staying at home and cooking and cleaning. The film did not have any visual effects because it was set back in the 1940’s. I liked how the film emits a feeling of inspiration, a fight for equal rights and a sense of hope and desire to succeed in a male dominated world.

The part of the film that I remember most clearly is the last game in the World Series, when Dotti was catching and Kit was running home and she pushed past her sister to win the match. I felt that Kit didn’t want to do that to her sister, however pretended that it wasn’t her sister catching and just went for the home run to win the World Series.

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