Critical Analysis of Remember the Titans

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Critical Analysis of "Remember the Titans"

I think that this is an excellent movie. Not only is it an excellent movie in the obvious plot, but also in the underlying message which slowly manifests throughout the movie. Racism is that message. That underlying message is what I am going to discuss.

I think the movie shows the importance of accepting change because it shows the consequences when a person doesn’t.

First, the movie shows how change is necessary to keep relationships. If someone is too full of pride to admit that they are wrong, then they will feel growing malice towards the one who is right. The movie had a great example. When Gary had to cut Jerry because he refused to accept that blacks are equal to whites. This shows how racism can affect relationships.

Second, the movie shows why people act the way they do. I think they did a great job in showing how people are taught growing up affects their ideas on a topic with the little girl. Watching how she reacted throughout the movie really showed how much it really matters. She never looked down on the blacks because they were black. I think this is because her father, the coach, always taught that whites shouldn’t oppress blacks. I think this idea caught on in her because of the way she acted with them. She was never mean to them or in any way showed hate towards the blacks.

Third, the movie shows how scared everyone was of change. Early it showed how the white players were scared of losing their spots on the team to the blacks. Gary made my favorite quote, which illustrates this quite well. The quote shows that it is possible to overcome that fear. This is important because it sets an example to others that change is necessary and possible. The quote is as follows: “ I was afraid of you, Julius. I don’t see what I was afraid of. Now I see I was only hating my brother.”

This movie is one that speaks volumes on a very important issue while managing to maintain the viewer’s interest. It has action and comedy to keep viewers paying attention. However, in all that excitement, they intertwine a great lesson. That lesson is against racism.

People acted like they did because they didn’t know better. If people were willing to look past the color of skin, then everything could have been so much easier.

This movie shows the struggle between the two sides to obtain a state of mutual happiness. It also shows how each side was criticized for it. This is a great movie to show how the human spirit can endure when people are set on making things right.

This is important because there are always problems in society that must be dealt with. The lessons in this movie can be applied to any problem; not just racism. It is important that we all come together to make things right, even if that isn’t the way everyone feels. We just have to “remember the Titans” and hold true to our spirits.

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