Analysis of Violence An American Tradition

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Analysis of "Violence: An American Tradition"

When they were discovering the soon to be new America. The movie Violence: An American Tradition narrated by Julian Bond is a documentary that portrays the beginnings of violent crimes and then relates them to how this behavior has now been carried out in society today. The first beginnings were when the portraits of gruesome killings were now being made available to the public to view in the everyday newspaper. See Americans didn’t invent the violent crimes it stems form the animal that is naturally inside the American who is naturally the animal. America is the most violent of all the major nations that are present around the world. We turn or outlaws into folk heroes like the lights of Bonnie and Clyde, the James brothers and Al Capone. The violent tendencies that are present in the Americans today have stemmed from previous experiences that were long before the teenagers of today. The movie also made it a point that the gruesome violence that is taking place is now more prevalent to being seen due to the use of the tabloids. The other startling fact hat the movie went to was the amount of domestic violence that is prevalent in the United States. It started back when the first families were being formed in the U.S. and it went down throughout the children and eventually made its way public. This is only to show that the cycle violence that has been constant in the United States will only continue unless something is done to break the grip that is on impossible to break.

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