Cameras are an everyday commodity

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Introduction / history

Cameras are an everyday commodity and are commonly used today. It is a much simpler and advance device compared to the first ever camera made; the camera obscura. It was a sliding wooden box camera with a dark chamber which consists of an optical device. The first photograph taken with the camera obscura was by Joseph Nicephore Niepce in year 1814 but the image was only temporary. Soon after, the first practical photograph method was invented by Louis Jacques Daguerre and named it “daguerreotype”. However the process was perfected by William Fox Talbot and named it the “Calotype” in 1840. It is the first negative-positive process making multiple copies possible.

The use of photographic film was found by George Eastman. His first camera called “Kodak” was a very simple box camera with a fixed focus lens and single shutter speed. It came along with a relatively low price which appealed to many average consumers. In 1900, He broadens mass market photography by introducing the concept of snapshot also known as “the Brownie”. George Eastman is known to bring photography and cameras general to the public.

In 1913, the first 35mm camera develops. Oskar Barnack explored using 35mm cine film while building a compact camera capable for high quality enlargements. It gains immediate popularity as the format of choice for high end compact cameras. The 35mm cameras were expensive for most people and remain rollfilm as the format of choice for mass market cameras. However, 35mm film came to dominate the market when the cheapest cameras using rollfilm was discontinued.

As conventional cameras became more sophisticated, a new type of camera appeared in the market. Edwin Land invented instant cameras; Polaroid photography. The Polaroid camera allows photographer to remove a developing print after the image is snapped. It was later made available to the public in 1948. In 1986, Fuji introduced disposable cameras. It is a camera that recycles parts which later was named “single use cameras”.

In the late 1980s, digital photography entered the market of commerce. Kodak's introduction on the professional digital camera system (DSC) allows photojournalists to take electronic pictures. However, the first real digital camera introduced to consumers was in 1990. The camera was able to store compressed images and later downloaded into a PC or a Mac via cable. Photography became common to consumers and made available to consumers by the creator of Macintosh computer. It is a color digital camera with a 50mm fixed focus lens. Also able to store images into its memory, this had set some quality for digital cameras in the future.

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