Digital SLR

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Digital SLR

In the late 1970's, compact cameras that were capable of making images on their own were introduced. Kodak was the one who produced the first digital camera back in 1991 and it was even advanced enough to be used by professionals. Throughout history, photography has greatly changed, as technology has revolutionized. During the 20th century the pace of technology development in cameras and photography continued at an accelerated pace much like many other key technology developments, just like how a digital camera evolved into a DSLR. What is a DSLR? What are its special features, outer appearance and additional accessories? A DSLR is a professional camera that has special features, outer appearance, and additional accessories.

One of the special feature of a Digital SLR camera is that they have special sensors that prevent dust from attaching to the camera's sensor which is important because dust on your sensor shows up as black smudges in all your photos. Aperture/Shutter mode is also a special feature for it allows the user to take more control over the image without worrying about exposure. For example changing the shutter speed determines whether that soccer goalie is frozen in mid air or if her hands and feet are blurred.

Which is more desirable depends on whether you're trying to show critical detail or convey a sense of motion. Lens aperture determines depth of field in an image.

When it comes to outer appearance, people rarely think about what color or how big and bulky their DSLRs are, for as long as it has its great and suitable features, but if you are really asking about the colors, the common colors for DSLRs are black, white, and silver. All DSLRs are larger than the normal camera because it has all this technology compressed into one.

Additional accessories would be an advantage in owning a DSLR, for example, you cannot operate or even open a DSLR without its battery. One of the easiest ways to start immediately taking better photos with your camera is to start implementing the use of different lenses for different situations. For example, you will want to get a good high quality macro lens which will allow you to take very detailed pictures of small things or portions of things such as tree bark or skin pores. A macro lens is the one you want to do those close up in detail photos. A zoom lens on the other hand is the opposite of a macro lens, it lets you zoom in on things that are far or very far away. This is great for people taking photographs of animals in nature. In addition to lenses, you can use filters to enhance your photography and keep your camera protected from the elements at the same time. An example of a filter is a warming filter, a warming filter is a filter that naturally warm skin tones and colors in your photographs to give them a more polished and professional appearance.

An advantage of a DSLR is its Image quality that it produces, for it is higher than most digital cameras. The most significant performance advantage of a DSLR is in terms of speed. Focusing speed is important when capturing a moving subject. The faster a camera can focus, the faster it will take a picture. I recommend people to select their DSLRs according to what they are going to use the camera for, for example for people, for professional pictures, or for just vacation photos. The body of the camera doesn't make a difference, but a good quality lens makes all the difference in the world.


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