Richard Dawkins Worldview

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Richard Dawkins
I have chosen Richard Dawkins as the role model I am studying. His views are not the same as mine but he is a very well respected speaker and scientist. In this paper, I will explain the worldview that Richard Dawkins lived out in his life. I will compare and contrast the values and actions of Richard Dawkins with my own worldview and values. I will first compare my family values to the family values that Richard Dawkins lived out. I will then compare how I view sexuality to how he viewed this in areas of his life. Then I will compare how I view the nature of God and how Richard Dawkins views God. Finally, I will explain and give reasons as to why I believe that Richard Dawkins was a role model regarding certain topics, not all, but could definitely be a role model to others.
I would say that Richard Dawkins worldview is one of an Atheist worldview. Richard Dawkins was born in Kenya. His mother and father later moved him to England. His entire life, his parents both answered an questions he has in great scientific explanations. He was raised as a Christian though. He believed in Christianity until he was a teenager. During his teenage years, he learned about the theory of evolution (Dawkins, 1995). He has always had a very complex way of thinking, so the theory of evolution seemed to help explain the complexity of humanity better than the theory of creationism (Dawkins, 1995). Richard Dawkins feels that you should always teach your children good morals. He doesn't believe that morals have to have anything to do with religion. He feels we should be able to teach our children good values without having to "fear" God (Dawkins, 1995). He also has also put an emphasis on success. He is a very successful and well-known man. My values are much like his, I try to show my children that you should try your hardest to be successful in life and have good morals. We strive to help our children be successful in life, to love God, not fear Him. We want them to care about other people, be compassionate about everything in their lives, and stand up for themselves.
    Richard Dawkins is one of the founders of the "Gay Gene". It is believed that one of the chromosomes, called Chromosome X, may be partly responsible for homosexuality. Under this finding, it would present the theory that people are actually born gay and it is a natural thing. Christians do not share this belief because the Bible states that a man shall not lay with a man (Musgrave, 2012). Richard Dawkins feels that the parallelism in this gene is actually a genetic defect. Richard Dawkins feels that science may be able to determine if a child will be gay before born, but also feel that upbringings may have a significant affect as well (Musgrave, 2012). I could not find any articles that talk about how Richard Dawkins actually feels about sexuality, from reading articles, if science explains it, he typically approves of it. I am open to this. I feel that God made everyone a certain way, even though the bible says that a man shall not lay with a man, God is the one to judge, not me.
Nature of God
    This is one of Richard Dawkins most well known subjects. Richard Dawkins is a profound atheist. He does not believe in a supernatural being. He was brought up as a Christian, but his parents were very scientific in all explanations on everything else during his childhood (Gordon, 2008). When Richard Dawkins became a teenager, he learned about the theory of evolution. The theory of evolution seemed to make a lot more sense than any theory of creationism (Brimmer, 2010). Richard Dawkins has many speeches on his standpoint on religion and scientific evidence of all things. He has multiple patented theories and scientific advances in his name (Gordon, 2008). I believe in God. We differ on our viewpoints on this aspect. I believe in creationism and try to lead my life as God would want me to.
Is This an Individual I Would Choose as My Role Model??
    Richard Dawkins is someone I could see being a role model for certain beliefs and morals that he passes on. I do not follow his standpoint on evolution and atheism. He does have a lot of other characteristics. He is a strong leader and shows a great amount of confidence. He is a very successful and well respected man by the scientific community. He has made great strives in the scientific community with the founding of gene centered evolution, known as meme. I do not always agree on his approach to certain subjects but he is confident in his answers. I think if we could all gain his confidence levels we would be a very proud individual as he is. He can say some very hateful things at times, but I feel that they may honestly just be his way to explain his answers. We are all that way. When someone questions our faith we are defensive as well. He feels that we should instill good morals and values in our children, they are our future. Richard Dawkins is a very controversial person, but he seeks answers, as all people do.
In this Role Model paper, I have chosen Richard Dawkins to be someone who could be a role model. I have described how he lives his life and maintains his confidence and beliefs. I have compared and contrasted Richard Dawkins values and actions to my own worldview experiences. I did this by first comparing how his family values related to my own family values. I then compared how I viewed sexuality to how Professor Dawkins views it. Finally, I compared how I feel regarding the nature of God and how Richard Dawkins is confident in his view of atheism. In this paper, I have shown how Richard Dawkins is a role model for certain aspects for me and how he could be a role model for others.

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