Biography of Arthur Miller Literary Works

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Biography of Arthur Miller Literary Works

Arthur Miller was born in New York City on October 17, 1915. He was the second of three children. In growing up, Miller was more interested in his athletics than his curriculum. He was then rejected from the University of Michigan in 1932. Since his scholarship was out of reach he started to progress into a private course in which he read many books and developed his unique writing style. After many tries, Miller was accepted in the University of Michigan in 1934. Miller was a fabulous screenwriter of many plays along with a few novels. Many of his plays have won awards and even have been displayed as motion pictures in the box-office. His works aren’t as famous as William Shakespeare’s, but they are world famous and are always being read.

Miller’s Works consist of very dramatic plays and books that have meaningful morals, and tell of great dramas and conflicts. Some of Miller’s works are:

-“All My Sons”, Written in 1947.
-“Death of a Salesman”, Written in 1949.
-“The Crucible”, Written in 1953.
-“A View From The Bridge”, Written in 1955.
-“After the fall”, Written in 1964.
-“Incident at Vicky”, Written in 1964.
-“The Price”, Written in 1968.
-“The Creation of the World and other business”, Written in 1972.
-“The ride down Mount Morgan”, Written in 1981.

Miller’s writing outside the theater was prolific and varied. His novel, Focus (1945), is an ironic tale of anti-Semitism. Also the screenplay of the “Misfits”, (1961), is on of seven he has written. “In Russia”, (1969), was a travel peace with illustrations by his wife. “Chinese Encounters”, (1979), is another travelers tale, with “Salesman of Beijing” (1984), is an account of the production of his play in Chinese. “The theater essay of Arthur Miller”, were collected in 1978. In 1987, Miller published Timebends: A life, his biography.

Arthur was deeply involved with Merilyn Monroe. They were married and Monroe helped Arthur through many life struggles and through his writing career.

Miller didn’t have many artistic and cultural influences, as well as social and economic influences. The only influence that was strong within him was the fact that he has had many struggles in his life and also that he was rejected from college. This made him fight and over come many obstacles, which have formed him into an incredible author.

Unlike many world-renowned authors, Arthur Miller is still alive. He is still able to make other works. He is still able to impress us with his unbelievable talents.

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