Life Story of France's Napolean Bonaparte

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Life Story of France's Napolean Bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte attendted military school in france, graduating as an artillery officer. As he continues gaining power and winning war after war his marriage with Joesaphine was loosing pasion. In the end Napoleon was beaten and exiled to island of Elba, where he prepared troops and marched back to Paris.

Bonaparte was born in 1769 on the island of Corsica. He attended a military school in FRance and every day he would trade his sandwiches for military rasions. After graduating he became one of the greatest generals of all times at the age of 26.

In 1796 he started fighting wars which were known as the Napoleonic wars. He won every war he fought until his last few years on the battlefield he used his old technuies that gave him advantages over the other army. His small but forcefull army won the war with the sardines and defeated the Austrians twice. He made them sighn humilating treaties which gave napoleon full control over northern italy.

Finally Prussia, Austia, Great BRitian andSweden joined together with Russia to defeat Napoleon. Napoleon tried all of his old techniques but his enimies were to big and pwerful and napoleon could not beat them. So in october of 1813 He was exiled to the small island of Elba.

Then he made his way back to France landing in France on 3/1/1815. He march to paris and everyone was so happy to see him. The king sent out troops to destroy him but instead they joinned napoleon. When he reached paris he clamed the throne but the peole didn't like that so they exiled him the the island where he died.

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