Anthelmintic Resistance In Parasitic Nematodes

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This article highlights anthelmintic drug resistance, origin of drug resistance in parasites and detection procedures on genetic level. The primary goal of this article is to evaluate the anthelmintic resistance in population genetics of parasites. There is also need to analyze and identify the molecular markers those leads to diagnostic test at farm level. These markers in future not only used for routine diagnostic test against parasitic infestation but also helpful in surveillance of parasitic spread.

The future research would be mild stone in the era of parasitic drug resistance which also happen through migration of alleles from generation to generation. Candidate gene known to be responsible of transferring mutations to next generation would be helping for determination of root cause of anthelmintic resistance. Such all information can be helpful for recognition of genetic loci responsible for anthelmintic resistance.

But for this, full genome sequence will be needed. The detail on nematodes is not extensively available and at the end techniques used for the identification of candidate gene are discussed.Key words: Trichostrongylid nematodes, Haemonchus contortus, levamizole resistance, genetic linkage, genetic marker, ivermectin, Benzonedazole.

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