Bid To Exploit The Materials Biology

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Throughout history man has continually investigated and explored the materials world in a bid to exploit the materials to whatever advantage. The caveman used wood for fire, heat, shelter and to hunt with. Thousands of years on, man is still investigating materials to create new materials that are superior to the ones gone before it previously. One such application of materials exploitation is the field of biomimetic materials, an advancement on biocompatible materials. Biocompatible materials are materials that can be implanted into the human body without rejection by the immune system of the patient s body. Recent research into creating smart biocompatible materials has generated a new wave of materials designed and engineered to be biomimetic, generating a body response such as bone cell growth and attachment.

The following report will investigate the field of biomimetic materials and recent developments made in this area. Graphs generated by the Cambridge education software EduPack 2010 (CES) will display the unique properties of three of these novel materials to show how they perform against conventional materials. Applications that these novel materials can be applied to, and alternatives that biomimetic materials have been researched into will also be discussed.

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