The Educational Managers Are Exposed To Learning Management

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Educational Managers are exposed to learning opportunities whilst doing their jobs, if this informal learning is used as a formal process then it is regarded as management development. Merriam and others (2007) state: "Informal learning, Schugurensky (2000) suggests, has its own internal forms that are important to distinguish in studying the phenomenon. He proposes three forms: self-directed learning, incidental learning, and socialization, or tacit learning. These differ among themselves in terms of intentionality and awareness at the time of the learning experience. 

In colleges, managers work in association with the rector for setting goals based on understandable standards so that they are clearly communicated to the educators. From a functionalist perspective, it is generally agreed that Management Development refers to the process by which individuals improve their capabilities and learn to perform effectively in managerial roles (Baldwin and Padgett, 1993; Mumford, 1997; Thomson et al., 2001).

The researchers agree that effective managers are responsible for establishing a vision of commitment of required standards to the college and the success of students. Ultimately effective managers should ensure that their schools allow both adults and children to put learning at the center of their daily activities implying that Management Development is not of required standard in certain organization. Thus, there is a need to change for the betterment and this could be done through an effective Management Development program.

However, very few colleges have implemented Management Development program. As it will start gaining popularity, then managers would identify its significance. The aims of Management Development would be a mean of improving the skills of educational managers and make them more learned, so that, they can do better planning, creating self awareness, develop inspiring leadership styles, and take strategic decisions. After independent in 1968, the Education sector became one of the main concerns to meet the new challenges in order to achieve a world class quality education for all.

Education contributes as the key element of economic and social advancement and an educated population is seen as a vital component of prosperity and so heavy investment is made in providing access to education. Though Management Development is still new in the education sector, colleges need qualified and potential managers, in order to promote good educators with training in order to become productive and raise the standard of the college.

This study will assess the Management Development and its importance to managers in private colleges of Zone 1. Management Development could be an effective tool for managers that need to be included in the organizational culture of the college.


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