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Knight Frank is leading property consultancy which is found in 1989. Its main business consist of residential and commercial service. It provides property transactional service, and advisory services. Its commercial consultancy services, including building consultancy, occupier solutions, property asset management, research, forecasting, landlord and tenant services, planning, and commercial valuations; and investment management and corporate finance services. The company also provide transactional commercial services for healthcare, hotels ,industries, offices, complexes, and the retail sector. In addition, it provides residential services, including residential property search, residential sales handling, residential lettings and property management, and residential rural services. It serves individual owners and buyers, developers, investors, corporate tenants, and financial and corporate institutions. Knight Frank provides its services in Europe, the Asia Pacific, the Americas, and Africa.

In 2006, Newmark built a partnership with London-headquartered Knight Frank, forming Newmark Knight Frank, a global real estate consultancy with extensive worldwide capabilities and coverage throughout North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. It has built an effective global platform from which to serve the property needs of our growing list of clients

Newmark Knight Frank is one of the largest independent real estate service firmsin the world. It provides comprehensive real estate solutions and consultancy service to many of the most prominent corporations, property owners, investors and developers across the globe.

New York-based Newmark Knight Frank and London-headquartered partner KnightFrank operate over 140 offices in established and emerging property markets onfive continents. Last year, we completed transactions valued at over $41 billion, withrevenues exceeding $545 million. With a staff of 4,500 employees, we have createdan effective global platform from which to serve the property needs of our growinglist of clients.

Additionally, Newmark Knight Frank serves as leasing agent and/or propertymanager for 50 million square feet of commercial space in the United States.

Industry analysis

First, the clients are different. Global clients replace local clients; international occupier and investors have much greater impact on local markets. According to a report, entitled "Global real estate capital - traveling further to return stronger" published by Jones Lang LaSalle, global real estate investment in 2004 rised by 12 per cent to US$457 billion against 2003 and cross-boundary investments are expected to increase further.Ehrenberg and Mallen (2003)have argued that globalization of real estate is a structural certainty trend, and multi-national corporations and investor expect a professional service delivery platform to cover all geographical markets and relative business areas, such as. Real estate consultancy follow the need of their potential clients, who have gone international.

On the other hand, more and more financial institutions has both the money as well as the incentive to engage in cross-boundary real estate investment. international real estate embodies many desirable risk-return characteristics and is a preferred asset class to all sorts of investors including venture capital, opportunity funds, equity investors, bond holders, insurance companies and pensioners. There is gigantic market opportunity for real estate consultancy agency. The market direction is clear and the economic stakes are high.

In addition, it 's hard to monopolize market knowledge for certain real estate consultancy company, due to communication technology, real estate market performance has become increasingly transparent as information flows are more open, swift and efficient. therefore, the only method to attract customers is to use unique service to obtain their intimate business relationship with corporate clients and their understanding of the financial world. Many business areas, such as management consultants, financial service, corporate lawyers, investment bankers, extent their service with real estate services. Their expanded package of services provided extra values to investors and corporate clients attracted to global property. These extend services could enlarge the volume of real estate transactions as a whole, thereby benefiting all in the industry. However, competition for lucrative high-end tasks is getting intense and their success could also work to sideline real estate professionals in the process by relegating them to take up simply lower-end service jobs.

New Knight Frank use very effective operation management as systematic direction andcontrol of the processes that transform inputs into finished services. The operations function comprises significant professional employees and physical assets . Its operations managers are concerned witheach step in providing qualified service. They determine what labor, tools, facilities, materials, energy, and information should go into an operating system and how these inputs can best be obtained and used to satisfy the requirements of the market place.

One of the most important factors lead to success

Good design satisfies customers' need ,convey the purpose of the service and then bring financial benefit to business.(Slack et al,2007) Knight Frank designed various types of service for different catelogues of customer, and extend its basic business to broader scope of business. The services provided by Newmark Knignt frank based on five basic performance objectives: high quality, fast speed, dependability, Flexibility, and low cost.

High Quality

Newmark Knight Frank provides client focused advisory services by understanding and anticipating customer's needs to make sure they provide high quality service. The company attracts and retain the industry's best mind to provide world-class intellectual capital and resources across the globe. The company's mission is to design andexecutecustomized services that createvalue for clientsin support of their business and financial objectives.We are proud of our client retention rates. We work as an extension of our clients, forging relationships based on trust and reinforced by sustainable results.


The best research center provides the most up-to-date information on economic indicators and market trends to give their customers speed advantage. This allows a multilateral perspective of the marketplace that professionals and researcher use to develop insightful recommendations and solutions for clients. Newmark Knight Frank offers a single point of contact for all services worldwide, clients benefit from the global resources network.they commit to cultivating their network of experienced professionals across the globe.They employ industry leaders in every local market and foster the sharing of global best practices, allowing them to deliver superior service to their clients anywhere in the world with fast speed.


Newmark Knight Frank take customer satisfaction seriously. They listen carefully and thoughtfully to their client's need and design effective solutions that meet their current and future objectives. Once solution is made , The company can focus on providing monitoring and management capabilities to offer assistant.

Newmark Knight Frank is proud of the rate of customer's satisfication, which is one of the most important factor for the company to its market leading position today. To create win-win situation, appraisal was made to assess performance of service providers annually. Every year, performance feedback was collected by quality assurance deparment from their client. For clients, they can have opportunities to know how service providers are performing. So that they can be assure that they will received the best service. For service provider who performs well, they would be proud of retain in the pool.

To retain the best contractors in our scheme, yearly appraisals are conducted to assess the F

Newmark Knight Frank offers client-driven, world-class service, to manage risk and analyse real estate investment opportunities to provide added value. The service of Newmark Knight Frank was tailored individually to suit specific client.


As property consultancy, the most important tasks are to provide customers value-for-money service through carefully designed service. In its estate management section, specific role is providing supervision and direction to those various service provider. A good Accreditation system was design by Knight Frank to assess and retain a strong pool of competent and dependable contractor and suppliers for various product and service. This system offers added value as its differential advantage. Knight Frank only works with reliable contractors in the areas of security, landscaping, and cleaning services. They set up critical standards to examine the potential partners. Stringent criteria ensure that the most dependable contractor are selected to promote operational efficiency and minimize potential problem for clients. These services are designed to increase the cost-effectiveness and return on investment of an expansion, relocation or related project by negotiating with and improvingoperating marginin line with the client's broader business objectives and goals.

Working together in the true spirit of partnership in order to achieve the stated objectives of our clients, the partnership guarantees:

The residential consultancy department are made up with networks of qualified experts and property researchers, providing the most up to date knowledge on all factors affecting property sales value and asset potential.

TheResidential Developmentdepartment are experts in analyzing legislation, interpreting policy and developing commercial solutions, to get clients the right balance of affordable and private development.

Whether it's a large brownfield site in the city, or greenfieldland for saleon the edge of a village, our residential consultancy teams are experts in identifying and optimising potential property development opportunities.

The property consultancy industry has always been an'information business' with

As part of a full packaged service real estate firm, Newmark Knight Frank Capital Group has Whole Loan Asset Managers, Securities Asset Managers and Servicers, Special Servicers, and Attorneys to ensure maximum financial return. Newmark Knight Frank's principals have an in-depth understanding of the complexities of maximizing value for financial institutions and have a track record of executing these transactions successful. The company also help corporate company that have been increasingly constrained by budgeting restrictions and diminished capital flow. The Capital Group works extensively with members of the public sector, provide short term and long term strategic advice and services including, the valuation of assets, public-private partnerships, project management and construction management.Newmark Knight Frank Capital Group also has vast experience working with other sectors affected by recent economic events, including hospitals and the healthcare industry. The Capital Group has advised and assisted with the monetization of non-core assets in order to bridge an increasingly widened funding gap.

By leveraging the company's vast resources and business relationships, Newmark Knight Frank design a swift, comprehensive and effective process to implement the service. The company national and global platforms and information networks not only provided local market experts and decision makers, but also offered tailored service effectively. The residential construction company has been involved in many commercial projects.

Newmark Knight Frank has a global property and facility management portfolio Newmark Knight Frank's property management professionals work on behalf of real estate owners and investors, developing customized programs that sustain high levels of occupancy and tenant satisfaction, while lowering property costs and enhancing the value of the property. The company enhances maintaining operational efficiency by analyzing a building's operating expenses, financial statements, offer advices for improvement and developing strategies specific to each property. A sophisticated accounting system provides clients with customized property and accounting financial statements and operating cost benchmarks in order to operate an asset efficiently and within budget. Each property in our portfolio is monitored daily to ensure accessible customer service, resulting in superior tenant satisfaction and exceptional lease renewal rates.

On the other hand, Newmark Knight Frank focus on service innovation and implementation, creating a core competency of customer intimacy which allow service partners and our clients work together on the same team. Our investment in technology allows us to seamlessly integrate on a worldwide basis for a true "One World" platform. egistration ensures consistency, superior service delivery and quality. Through constant innovation and the introduction of process efficiencies, we are able to drive down operating costs without compromising building integrity - raising client and tenant satisfaction.

Newmark Knight Frank's Global Energy Services program offers clients complete, integrated energy management solutions for every type of property. As an official partner of the Energy Star Program, the firm is authorized to provide oversight to clients interested in reducing costs and conserving energy through energy star certification for existing properties.

Newmark Knight Frank is responsible for the safe, efficient operation of all building systems using innovative and field-tested internal processes. Each process is published in our Quality Manual and backed by our ISO 9001:2000 registration. Our management plan is all-encompassing and gives value to our clients through exceptional customer service and fast, flexible and creative delivery of real estate management solutions

The Knight Frank franchise has always provided advisory services to its clients. The real estate and property business's long-standing 'Advisory Services Division' has recently began offering strategic advice and services to land developers on a global basis. The advisory services franchise offers advice within the industrial and residential and sectors.

The real estate and property business provides end-to-end advisory service to land developers through a seamlessly integrated approach. The property management element at the advisory services franchise includes parks, road verges, street furniture, fencing, signage, gateways and waterway margins. The facility management element includes areas of infrastructure, compliance management, maintenance and repair, etc.

The two elements mentioned are merged under the Estate Management banner, and then combined with the other services in order to provide single point accountability as well as service delivery to the industry of land development.

Knight Frank's 'Development Management Service' includes the overall synchronization of land development which gives clients the expertise and experience to drive the design process. The 'Residential Land Marketing' services from the advisory services franchise can place the client's property on the world stage and access to direct contact with the target market.

Facilities management refers to the maintenance and care of commercial or institutional buildings such as hotels, resorts, schools, hospitals or office complexes. The services include maintenance of electric fittings such as air conditioners and lighting systems, plumbing, cleaning, housekeeping and security. This market is valued at an annual $3.3 billion and is expected to grow at a yearly rate of 25-30% over 3-4 yearsproperty consultancy make their money by charging the seller of a property a percentage of the selling price as their fee. The buyer of a property does not have to pay the estate agent. The exact percentage varies between agencies, but will generally be between 1.5 - 3% of the value, plus VAT, with Londoners paying more for estate agency services than the North of the country. As they claim their fee from a completed transaction, it is an agent's own best interests to sell a property and to sell it at the highest possible price. This is also a reason to be suspicious of an agency which quotes you an exceptionally low commission rate - with less financial incentive to sell your house, they might not do such a good job.

Estate agents who work in residential lettings may charge a property owner in different ways, quoting flat fees for providing various services such as drawing up a lease in addition to a charge which is paid once they have provided a landlord with a tenant. If they are also responsible for managing a property and collecting rent then they may charge a commission on the rent for providing this service. They will also generally charge the tenants for finding them a rental property. This is usually a flat fee, ranging up to about £250, which is described as an application or administration fee.

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