On the job training in Software Industry

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We have heard this saying for decades that "Employees are the assets of the companies". Apparently it is correct in his every verdict. If the skeleton, skin, blood and soul are basic principles for the creation of the human body, in the same way employees needed for the confirmation of the companies.

Organization need to have employees well structured for the purpose of achieving good production. For this reason, organizations have the human resources division with them to choose the right people in the right position with the correct information. However, the description does not end here; Organizations need to shape them according to the needs of the employees that we refer, in general, the terminology such as "Training."

In today's organizations face increased competition and a more critical because the environment force. Administrators have been threatened with greater challenges in protecting organizational resistance and economic advantage. Management faces a series of conflicting demands; they are expected to reduce costs and increase quality and promote the improvement and creativity. As a result they have hunted strategies and practices to meet the external stress. Mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances, downsizing, reengineering, outsourcing, and reform have been the common reaction to the new challenge faced by organizations.

Software industry is recognizing the importance of well-trained and expert workforce in order to accomplish the organizational goals. Change is all all-encompassing and is influencing the functioning of organizations. Changed economic, political circumstances calls for up gradation of skills and knowledge of staff. Training gives the solution to this space. An effective on-the-job training program completes many objectives. Most obviously, it imparts a way to make sure that each recent employee is given the skills, knowledge and capabilities to be unbeaten in his or her position. It guaranteed that the quality of training is reliable across the organization and plays a noteworthy role in dipping turnover due carefulness in recruiting and appointing right-fit people for any company.

The plan of being more successful through learning and training is not recent. However, learning through training programs is even more appreciated in software companies because advance skills are a requirement rather than a choice. In view of the above facts it is critical that training is carry in a way that make sure that trainees receive the right communication and are conveyed in ways that would benefit them and the organizations they serve.

Success of training depends upon the knowledge and its move on the job. Learning from training differs from one individual to the other and depends on inspiration to learn and job concern, interest etc. Learning also relies on organizational factors like culture of organization, Aim of Training, infrastructure hold up etc. In all state of affairs, training enlarges earnings by the attraction of employee's happiness, minimizing stress and sinking turnover.

Statement of Problem

In this we will highlight the vital sight of training employees for production improvements that is the good selection of trainers. Trainers outline an organizations upcoming competitiveness and market potential by endow with knowledge, skills and self-assurance to employees, as well as impacting turnover, productivity efficiencies, scrap rates and customer contentment. This study examines:

Impact on Trainer & Trainee relation in terms to determine whether on-the-job training affects the job performance of trainees or not.

To be aware of the outer or external factors that have an effect on on-the-job (OJT) training and job Performance in software house.

To discover out if the on-the-job learning given by software house to the trainees are good enough to raise their job performance.

To recommend ways to enhance job Performance at software houses along with other organizations by making on-the-job coaching and learning further effectual.

1.3 Significance of the Study

Training accomplishment depends upon the learning and coaching of trainees and its reassign on the job. There are a range of organizational and individual factors which involve in the victory of a training program in software industry. OJT is one of the well-organized training methods because it is a prearranged process that is designed, structured and distributed at the employee's job site. While an OJT process is helpful for software industry as it is particularly cost-effective for work where employees execute repeatable tasks.

This research will be able to recognize the relationship of on-the-job training and on job performance and will help to recognize external forces concerned in this relationship. It will help other researchers as well to find out this relationship and will make my research as a secondary source for support their findings. Also it will help to investigate that either in HR is practically put into practice in software house or not.

Scope & delimitation

It will be very difficult, in fact not feasible for me to acquire the samples from all the trainees of software houses in Karachi because of inadequacy of time duration.

Personal Interviews such as focus group and discussion will be impossible for me because of the strict schedules of trainees.

The statistics for this research learning is gathered about 1 month duration from professional's trainees from two software houses exists in Karachi-Pakistan.

1.4 Definitions


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