Study On Third Party Logistics Management

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Recently, there have been significant increases in the number of firms offering such services, and this trend is expected to continue. While many of these firms are small, niche players, the industry has a number of large firms as well. Examples of the latter include UPS Supply Chain Solutions, FedEx Supply Chain Services, IBM Supply Chain Management Services, Ryder, DHI.-Exel, Menlo Logistics, Penske Logistics, Schneider Logistics, Caterpillar Logistics, Uti Worldwide. Inc., and Agility, Inc.

Depending on the firm and its positioning in the industry, the terms contract logistics and outsourcing are sometimes used in place of third-party logistics. While some industry executives take care to distinguish among terms such as these, each of these terms refers to the use of external suppliers of logistics services. Except for the suggestion that the term contract logistics generally includes some form of contract. or formal agreement, this text does not suggest any unique definitional differences between these terms. Although most customers who use 3PLs choose to have some formal contract to define the terms of the agreement, it is interesting to note that a small number of companies choose not to have formal contracts with their suppliers of logistics services.

Types of 3PL Providers

Although most

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