Training and development in todays business environment

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In today's business environment, training and development is a vital tool than a cost for an organization. It creates an efficiency workforce and enhances the productivity and effectiveness of the organization as well as improves the quality of management.

Training and development allows an organization to continue to learn and improve. It helps in reducing the turnover of employees as it increases the efficiency and productivity thus make their job more rewarding which indirectly increases moral levels and motivation of employees. Proper training programs definitely can assist organization to cut the learning curve in terms of overcoming cultural conflict.

Besides training, learning is also important for an organization in enhancing their capacity to create a good result that is along with the organization's goals and strategy. Learning organization provided self-development opportunities for employees due to the easy access of resources and facilities. The concept of learning organizations based on five disciplines, which are personal mastery, mental models, shared vision, team learning, and systems thinking.

Employee training and development plan provided the development opportunities for employees to improve themselves to become a knowledge-based person and the type of work or position they want in the future. It is incorporated with organizational objectives and a specific strategic goals set for the trainees to achieve at the end of the training. Developing the employee not only increased the productivity of organization, it also upgraded the employees' skills and equipped them for the future environment.

Talent management is incorporated to ensure the employee development plan to be successful in an organization. The identification, selection, development, and retention of the critical talent and match people need to be focused by company. Employees can better equipped themselves and look forward to the type of work or position they want in the future by continuous learning.


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