Chinese Culture And Recruitment In China Management

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As the world's population is approximately 6.7 billion, China represents around 20 percent of the world's population so one in every five people on the planet is a resident of China.

The Chinese Culture

The Chinese value the importance of family; the hierarchical structure of social life; the cultivation of morality and self-restraint and the emphasis on hard work and achievement. The pride which Chinese people take in their culture as well as the fact that Chinese culture and society can be defined as 'collectivist'.

In many ways the family unit takes precedence over its individual members. Children must learn not to answer back to their parents or other elders. It is assumed that the family as a whole will thrive and prosper if harmony prevails at home.

In other words - the basic rules of obedience, moderation and self-restraint amongst family members should be observed.

Recruitment in China

When the management team starts to recruit managers and floor staff for its operations in China, the management should consider two key components in human resource management.


Selection is the process of evaluating the qualifications, experience, skill, knowledge of an applicant in relation to the requirements of the job to determine his suitability for the job. The selection procedure is concerned with securing relevant information from applicants and selecting the most suitable among them.

Cultural determinants of selection:

Desired behaviors: This is where the management will consider applicants on the basis of skill or personality, depending on the requirement of the company's current objective. The applicant has to have the right attitude to adjust with the company objective and to perfectly represent the company to its clients.

Here, the management should look towards applicants with the perfect attitude to tune in to the policies of the company. Such would remove barrier to the employees natural treatment of customers and trend to be more helpful land customer oriented.

Specialists or generalists: The management will have to determine their recruitment policy to determine whether to hire specialists or generalists. Specialists are those with specialization in a specific field where as generalists are termed as people with no specialization.

Here, the company should be more inclined to generalists as most floor staff, except the local manager himself, do not require special skills and can easily be trained to the requirements.

Necessary qualification: This to determine if the employee has the right qualification, in both education and experience, to get the job done.

Here, the management should look for applicants with prior knowledge of hardware and building materials to help customers better. Applicants with technical education with a science background should be preferred.

Task or relationships: This is where an applicant is measured by his knowledge or by his relations.

The management should go for an equal density of staffs in this area as the newly opened venture will need all help it gets to for the initial period. Employee relationships may help the company in gathering or luring customers or through political and legal obstacles.


This is the process that adopts employees to the organization's culture.

In a multi-cultural environment, socialization id determined by the following:

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