Cause and effect of influencial people of quality

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When the Japanese economy had the strongest need to restructure its economy to bring it out of the destruction that World War II had caused, the efforts of quality experts and Gurus such as W. Edwards Deming and Joseph M. Juran proved fruitful. They both emphasized the importance of improving the quality of products/services as a source of sustainable competitive advantage and cost reduction. Later, this became the focus of the American companies and so of organization round the globe as well.

Deming's fourteen points highlighted the importance of following a systematic and continuous process by which the product specifications were to be laid out and then practically worked on. Following the implementation, the production was to be checked for errors and loop holes thereby taking immediate corrective measures such that the entire cycle continued until the optimum quality was reached. This, coupled with the participative style of managing even the production of goods and services is what caused Deming's work to stand out. It was in fact his ideology that laid the foundations for the development of latest quality concepts such as Kaizen and Total Quality Management (TQM).

Toyota is one such company that has been a focused user of the aforementioned concepts for ensuring the provision of high quality product. However, what many other organizations have essentially ignored about Toyota's success is that it is not linked with the processes and methodologies that it uses but with its operating principles. Its dependence on continuous inspection of the product sample till the optimum quality is reached by engaging all departments of the workforce let it take the leading position.

Such quality initiatives and their implementation can bring about success to any company. What it must realize however, is that only a committed focus to ever improving and thereby satisfying the customer is the key to success. No one method otherwise can become a source of sustainable competitive advantage especially in the dynamic economical situation prevalent today.

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