Conduction of performance appraisals

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Performance Appraisals

 Performance appraisal is a procedure through which organizational expectations for employee performance are delineated accompanied by the extent, assessment and soundtrack of his or her actual performance relative to these prearranged expectations and then rendering the employee with the pertinent significant and practical feedback. In short we can say that performance appraisal is a formal evaluation of an individual's job performance (Bernardin, 2007). Evaluation of performance appraisal is not so easy, as it involves a number of issues, which need to be resolved for making an effective performance appraisal.

 In present performance appraisal has become an increasingly important tool for organization in managing and improving the performance of its employees, for making more valid staffing decisions and for enhancing the overall effectiveness of a firm's services and products (Montana & Charnov, 2000). The issues involved in the conduction of effective performance appraisal are the designing and development of appraisal system and prominent implementation of appraisal system (Brewster & Harris, 2004). These endeavors related with appraisal system can not be handled by following the latest fad or by imitating other organizations as it requires more stringent efforts. In addition to the above discussed issues there also exists another issue of change management as in organization there are always some persons who become resistant to the change whether it is for the benefit of organization.The resolutions of all these issues can be done effectively and efficiently with the help of following steps:

  • First of all, organization need to identify the sources of resistance to change so that theycan be managed for building incentives by making use of new appraisal system.
  • After identifying the sources of resistance to change there is a need to maintain anappraisal system by continuous monitoring of its operations through periodic valuations.
  • Conduction of an effective performance appraisal system can be done by moldingperformance management and appraisal as an integral part of the company's strategicHR system (Brewster & Harris, 2004).
  • Data managed in appraisal system should be made a critical component of internalstaffing decisions like promotion, retention and termination.
  • Organizations should prepare some specific guidelines and prescriptions through whichconduction of performance appraisal can be done effectively and efficiently (Bernardin, 2007).
  • For conducting an effective performance appraisal, organizations should incorporatetheir performance appraisal systems with other human resource domains, mainlycompensation system with a pay-for-performance constituent.

 With the help of following steps an organization can become able in conducting effectiveperformance appraisals.

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