Management And Organisation Behaviour

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IntroductionParagraph 1

“Planning is a management function of setting organisational`s goals and deciding how best to achieve them.”

(Bartol & Bretag 2007)

Planning is a process to reach the organisational`s goals, and to reach it, an organisation must have organisational mission which is stated in a clear, simple and brief mission statement.

This objective of this essay are to define organisational mission, interpret mission statement`s purpose, give the main features of the process for developing mission statement, tell about mission statement of VU, and to describe that VU`s mission statement align with the VU`s operating system.

Discussion Paragraph2Definition of the concept of organisational mission

Forecasting is used to predict exactly how some variable or variables will change in the future.

(Thomas S. Bateman and Scott A. Snell 2009)

Social audit is an attempt to the indentify, measure, evaluate, report on, and monitoring effect the organisational is having on its stakeholders and society as a whole-information not covered in traditional financial reports.

Paragraph3Purpose of Mission StatementAccording to ( Bartol & Bretag 2007 ),the purpose of mission statement are:
  1. For employees mission statement is used to keep the organization`s purpose being awared by members and users.
  2. For manager mission statement is used as a benchmark for success
  3. For investors, public, and agencies mission statement gives the ability to know about organisational values and future direction
Paragraph 4Process of Developing Mission Statement
  1. First step, identify the “who”, “what”, “why”, “for whom”, and “how” of the institution
  2. Secondly,state the means
  3. Thirdly,know stakeholders`s need
  4. And the last,motivate management employees
(Source:Robbins & Bergman 2003)Paragraph 5Mission statement of Victoria University

“Transform the lives of individuals and develop the capacities of industry and communities within the western Melbourne region and beyond through the power of vocational and higher education” (

Paragraph 6

Allignment between mission statement and university operating

The mission statement aligns with how Victoria university operating.

Paragraph 7The mission statement align with the university operating

VU has developed capacities of industry and communities,because in fact,the education in VU really excellent,it comes with professional lectures and complete facility.Every year, more than 3600 international students come to VU. Most of the alumnus also can work great and make an important development in organisation, that indirectly develop the capacities of industry and communities welfare.

ConclusionParagraph 8

The importance of this topic is,in making plan, manager must develop a good mission which is stated in the mission statement because it can make an organization easily achieve the goal.

VU have a mission statement which is align with the VU`s operating system.

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