Brand loyalty and its Antecedents Framework

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3.3 Research Design3.3.1 Population

Telecommunication sector of Pakistan was selected for the research.

The study was restricted to cellular network provider networks.

Reason behind the selection was exorbitant growth of telecom sector in Pakistan.

The sector is said to be growing at a fast pace yearly.

In fact Pakistan has the highest mobile penetration rate in the South Asian region.

3.3.2 Sample

Five mobile network companies, Mobilink, Telenor, Ufone, Warid Telecom and Zong are operating in Pakistan.

All were selected for the study.

A sample of 400 customers of these companies was selected.

3.3.3 Sampling Technique

The sample was chosen by non-probability sampling.

'Convenience/opportunity sampling technique' was used to select sample.

This technique is used to get quick and immediate response of the people at hand.

Moreover, it is less expensive and provides an ease to the researcher.

This technique was selected because all types of cellular network subscribers are available in most areas of Pakistan.

The selected cellular providers offer wide range of services and packages as per needs and requirements of subscribers.

So, subscribers of selected providers are readily available in colleges, universities, offices and public places.

3.3.4 Instrument used

Questionnaire was used to collect data.

Through literature review, it was found that this instrument commonly used for related studies.

3.3.5 Instrument Development

Questionnaire was developed through adopting questions from various researches and revised to create link to this specific study.

It included 20 questions about brand loyalty, service quality, satisfaction, commitment and trust.

5-point Likert scale (a form of ordinal scale) has been used to put the answers.

The objects used for likert scale were, strongly disagree, disagree, neutral, agree, strongly disagree (1 for strongly disagree and 5 for strongly agree).

Adopted questionssource

Brand loyalty:

I will go on using this cellular network connection.

If I bought a new connection, I would prefer this service provider.

I recommend this network provider to people.

I encourage friends who plan buying this connection.

Aydin, Ozer and Arasil (2005)

Service quality

The network provider offers the best possible plan that meets my need.

Network quality is up to the mark.

The connection Provides high voice quality.

Call-center personnel are able to help with my problems.

Lim, Widdows and Park (2006)

Customer satisfaction

This connection completely meets my expectations.

I am satisfied with this service provider.

This connection meets my pre-purchase expectations.

I feel good about my decision concerning my preferred brand.


Aydin, Ozer and Arasil (2005)


Bennet ( 2002)


I expect to continue as a subscriber of this company for long time.

I am very committed to the relationship with the company.

My relationship with the network provider is something I intend to maintain.

Maintaining a long-term relationship with the company is important to me.

Bennet ( 2002)


I trust this company.

I feel that I can rely on this company to serve well.

I believe that I can trust this company will not try to cheat me.

This company is reliable because it is mainly concerned with the customer's interests.

Aydin, Ozer and Arasil (2005)



Name------------------------ Cellular Network Connection-------------Age--------------------------- Prepaid/post paid-----------------------------Occupation----------------

Directions: Based on your experience as a subscriber of cellular network provider, please fill out the questionnaire.

Think about your cellular company and tick the correct answer of your choice.

I will go on using this cellular network connection.

Strongly disagree