Alternatives Or Solutions For Improvement Management

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Leadership theories provides path in way what qualities renowned between leaders and followers. The theory of leadership define the some situational factors and traits levels.There are various leadership theories emerged these are as follows-

Trait Theory-Trait theory of leadership articulates that, the people inherent or born with some certain qualities, traits and cognitive ability that makes them appropriate for leadership. Trait theory identifies the specific traits and behavioral characters shred by leaders for develop their own style of leadership.

Situational theory- Situational theory of leadership postulates that every situation requires diverse style of leadership. Leaders adopt the best course of action for particular situation or circumstances and for the appropriate decision making. key factor in these theory which determines how evaluation of the situation and choose the appropriate leadership style these can be authoritarian style or democratic style.

Path goal theory- The Path goal theory articulates that how the leaders inspire the group or followers to assessing the goals. It states that effective leaders have the capability to encourage the followers by identifying the paths and to motivate them towards the high productivity and accomplishing the objectives by removing the hurdles.

Transformational Theory- this theory articulates that how leaders can initiate, develop and implement changes in the organization by enhance the motivation and morality between leaders and followers. The primary factor in transformational theory is that the leaders need to be encouraging the followers to attain the maximum potential by recognizing the needs and motives of the followers (Wolinski, 2012).

Part-2 Mike Wilson, Krishna and Suhail’s style of leadership-

Leadership style is define approaches and manners in a way to directing, implementing and motivate the followers towards certain goals. There are certain leadership styles which govern by the certain sets of traits in different way. As per we analyze in case study that every manger and supervisor have different style of leadership for management.

Autocratic Leadership style-

Mike Wilson appointed as manager in the Al Mishfa Enterprises. He manages the organization in the Autocratic leadership style. These Leadership style can be describes as where leaders have the completes authority over the employees. Staff members and subordinates have a little opportunity to give suggestions. These types of leaders dominate and direct the team members in order to get things done in his management practices results in resistance from the team members.

Mike Wilson adopts this leadership style due to reasons that he tried to implement the American Management practices from the prior experience. He has autocratic behavior over the employees and pressurize the subordinates to be work need to done according to his instructions and management style (Leadership Styles).

Bureaucratic leadership Style â€"

Krishna is the supervisor in charge of production section hired from the India. He has followed the Bureaucratic leadership Style. These Leadership style can be describes as where leaders follow the rules and want that their subordinates and people follow the rules and regulation precisely, leaders are more focused to give the orders .these style is not a right way to best performance from team.

Krishna has adopted this leadership due to these reason, Krishna does not appricate the employees and never values their work. He always pushes to every employee towards the some objectives such as-to be more productive, more efficient. Always give order to them (Leadership Styles).

Charismatic Leadership Style-

Suahil is the production supervisor he follows the charismatic leadership style. This leadership can be described as the leaders are inspired and enthusiasm with their team members and more focused on themselves and do not change anything such as current positions, they are more self centered.

Suhail adopts this leadership style because Suhail enjoyed work with the other people and friends. He was not happy with the promotion and pay rise. He was very concern about the senior management and could not adopt the new positions authority. Due to that reason his performance had dropped feels lonely and isolated from the other employees (Leadership Styles).

Part-3 Alternatives or solutions for improvement are provided and explained

As per the analysis from the case study there should be some suggestions and alternative they should be adopt and follow for the proper management. These are as follows-

Mike Wilson- For effective leadership he needs to be cooperative and develop the strategy according to the situation instead of autocratic style. As per the management perspective he needs to apply those approaches which are most suitable for the decision making. He should make the policies according to the value system and culture of the company which employees can adopt easily.

Krishna- He need to be follows the situation because of their wrong behavior with the employees. He needs to be participative with the employees for achieving their goals and accomplishing the tasks. He needs to be cooperative and supportive with the team members and visit the factory and try removing their hurdles.

Suhail- Suhail is very self centered person; he needs to adopt the some changes to become effective and efficient as per the requirements of his position. He needs to coordinate with the situation and improve his performance according to the situation. He should balance the effective communication between the management and employees and develop the team spirit (Al Mishf A Enterprises).


As we analyzed in the case study that Leadership and management both terms are linked together, it has been argued that values, beliefs and management style are important aspects to adopt the leadership style. As we discussed the different leadership theories and leadership style it can be concluded that every leader has to follow or adopt those styles which are most suitable for that position. Every leader has to be cooperative, supportive with the employees because followers can identify their paths and goals from their leadership style. Trust, confidence effective communication are the most important key factors for effective leadership.

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