Research And Development In The Sri Lanka Army Management

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Technology is a significant advantage to change the total outcome of a battle and it plays a pivotal role in today's warfare, as war always demands the most sophisticated technological skills. Acquisition of such technologies during the World Wars gave birth to increased research and development efforts in the military field. Demands in the military field, span of the war and rapid technological strides expanded a range of research and development, helping states, nations and armies to equip themselves with different levels of technologies. The research areas even extended to developing new strategies, doctrines and tactics. This phenomenon did not pass by even the Sri Lanka Army. Facing the cruelty of a most ruthless terrorist organization, whose tactics were ever changing, unexpected, complex and use of modern technologies, the Army too explored overcoming these tactics by introducing theories out of books. The thirst for research and development within the Army evolved throughout the period though it was not evident to the public. Army's focus on such came into prominence only during the fourth Eelam War. Today, the Army has put much emphasis on the requirement of research and development projects, having identified its importance. In the absence of conflict, the Army's research and development efforts will bring defence into a different dimension placing the Army in a special role.



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