Physical Components Of Leadership Roles Management

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Leadership is an activity it had long existed in the human environment without realizing and humans already perform in their daily activities, even before human defines the meaning, then gradually it was felt that leadership is an important thing in running an organisation, human thought to look for the leadership's meaning which is needed by a leader to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the performance of organisations and individuals.

Basically, human beings are born to be a leader, after his or her birth, that is the start of human form of a leadership spirit, there is a natural leader, in meaning that human without studying leadership within his soul has been formed to lead and there is also a leader because of they learning process either formally as in the military and others, or not formal, as an example they learn from their parents.

Natural talent is not enough to guarantee a person will become a brilliant leader.

Being a leader requires a gradual process and needs to travel a fairly basic education.