Strategic Planning for an Organization a study on British Airways

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The purpose of this paper is to evaluate an effective and efficient strategic planning for airline industry providing British Airways strategic plan. British Airways leading UK market as a leader of the airline industries.

This paper evaluate the British Airways strategic planning including the strategic model, Enternal and external environmental enalysis,management risk and strategic v operational risk. This paper is done by secondary data collection process which is totally qualitative data base paper. Most of the information I got from British Airways own website ( and some are from some Book, Journals and Articles. Mainly for their (British Airways) business strategy planning they are following some strategic models like Porter's five forces model, PESTEL analysis, and SWOT analysis etc. By those analysis organization can understand like British airways can understand that what is their external and internal condition and what is the strength for them ,what is opportunity and weakness and based on those factors they are trying to compete with their competitors and getting good market share in the tourism and hospitality industry.



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