Organizational Structure And Culture At Tesco Management

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An organisations structure can depend on its size, the sector it operates in public, private, or third sector i.e. voluntary or charitable, the number of people it employs and its physical resources. Following are three different types of organizational structures

Functional organisational structure

Functional organisations are organised according to technological disciplines. Senior functional managers are responsible for allocation of resources but the responsibility for the total product is not allocated to one person but rather to a senior management group. Coordination occurs through agreed organisational procedures, detailed specifications and regular meetings both ad hoc and structured. Generally products that require a high level of specialist knowledge require a functional structure.

Divisional organisational structure

Divisional organisations are commonly divided into smaller units of operation with each division being aligned to a sales or production unit with supporting sales, production, finance, HR, and marketing resources operating under a departmental manager but responsible to the unit manager and then upwards.


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